Sailing Back to the Dinosaur Era

Dinosaurs have been a topic of interest for eons now, tickling the human imagination with their enormous size and mysterious disappearance. Their traces can be found everywhere around the world and one of such locations is the Istrian peninsula in Croatia. Thanks to this, Istria now looks like a canvas where an artistic group of reptiles decided to express their fondness of creative expression. All jokes aside, the dinosaur traces all over the Istrian peninsula can tell us many things about a..

Mooring in the Adriatic: Double Double Buoy and Trouble

Chartering vacations in Croatia are a true joy if you love the smell of the sea, the wind in your hair, and the dynamic atmosphere of summertime. Nevertheless, the sea is a fickle force and while you're navigating through your perfect holiday it is very important to secure yourself throughout your trip. This is especially important when you take a break from traveling around and decide to spend a night in a peaceful Adriatic lagoon. In this situation you definitely want to make sure your boat..

Anchorages on the Adriatic coast and islands

Anyone who has at least once hired a sailboat, catamaran or motor boat in Croatia, knows how important it is to find the right cove or bay for anchoring and mooring. Sailors and navigation experts during the sailing on the Adriatic likes and prefer anchorages, small hidden and protected bays, where can enjoy in peace and unspoiled nature. Safe place for anchoring, away from the crowds and noise. Croatia abounds with anchorages and many of them are the most well known,  but on the oth..

Safety at sea

According to the fact that tourist season in Croatia is on the highest level, which requires increased caution of sailors, swimmers and marine police. Besides of many Croatian charter boats and yachts, there are more than 60,000 foreign vessels on the Adriatic during the summer months. To indicate the importance of compliance with safety rules and traffic at sea, last weekend marine police had action "Safety at Sea", supported by Port of Authority of Rijeka, Sibenik, Split, Ploce and Dubrovni..

Hanse 575

A few weeks ago in Croatia came the long awaited yacht Hanse 575, now available for charter in Croatia. Yacht Charter in Croatia, is enriched with another excellent boat in the category of cruisers 50+ rate, which will certainly to attract many sailors and lovers of sailing and comfort. Hanse 575 has exceeded all expectations in design, functionality and equipment. 17 meters spotless elegant lines, ranks the Hanse 575 at the top of the most beautiful yachts in the world. It should be note..

Carlos Santana concert in Zadar

City of Zadar is one of the best tourist destination in Croatia and famous for exceptional offer of social events, various concerts and festivals that perfectly completes rich tourist offer of Zadar. The city with the most beautiful sunset, this summer will host world famous music icon - Carlos Santana. The open air concert will be held on Monday 29.7.2013,  at Jazine in center of Zadar. Sure, if you have the opportunity or if you sail in Zadar archipelago, enjoy in concert of guitarist ..

Floating gas station in Marina Veruda, Pula

Good news for all sailors who choose to visit or rent a boat in Istria, is a fact that Marina Veruda in Pula has a new gas station. Marina Veruda now has a floating gas station type "Flash" and finaly solve the problem with fuel supply, to the satisfaction of customers of Marina Verude, boat owners, charter companies and all nautical tourist in Istria. Due to the fact that existing gas has been closed since March 2011, this solution with floating gas station solve a major problem of fuel supp..

Croatia at the top of Europe by the quality of bathing water

If you need another reason why to spend the summer vacation in Croatia, then you will enjoy the fact that Croatia is at the forefront of European countries by the quality of coastal bathing waters. Croatia has excellent quality of bathing waters, moreover, the water quality is higher then European average - published by the European Environment Agency (EEA) and the European Commission in its report on the quality of bathing water. The report assesses the bathing water quality in all 27 EU..

Safe Tourist Season 2013

Croatia, as a famous tourist destination in the world is primarily a safe country, for domestic and numerous foreign tourists. The Croatian Government has recognized the importance and benefit of investing in additional security of tourists during the tourist season in Croatia and from 2009. co-financing program "Safe Tourist Season", which brings together police officers from foreign countries. Police officers from 13 different countries from which Croatia has the highest number of guests, d..