Goli Otok - Hell in Croatia’s Notorious Alcatraz

Sailing in a northern direction through the Velebit channel, off the northern Croatian coastline, between the islands of Rab and Krk, we came across a set of three smaller islands. One in particular cuts a striking sight rising dramatically, bone white out of the cobalt blue Adriatic Sea. This rocky outcrop called “Goli Otok”, which means “Naked” or “Barren” Island, derives its name from the exposed rock-face that’s had vegetation blasted clean off it by the strong bura winds that blow in fro..

Flying Man Island

Inventor, mathematician and philosopher Faust Vrančić is most widely known for his invention Homo Volans, or the Flying man, one of the first tested and first known examples of modern parachutes. His parachute design bears an uncanny resemblance to old sails of ships during the 17th century and was most likely inspired by the effectiveness of these sails. These old sails have developed over time into the modern sails used today by boaters as they tour the coasts and islands of Croatia on thei..

Muline - at the source of olive oil

The island of Ugljan is an integral part of the Zadar archipelago, being the closest island to the cultural and economic centre of the county, the city of Zadar, at only a few nautical miles apart. The town of Ugljan is the largest of the island’s seven settlements. It is located in the north-western area of the island, which, due to its relief characteristics, has the most hours of sun in this region. The town consists of nine hamlets. Muline is one of these hamlets and is, without exaggerat..

Sailing into the waterfalls of Krka National Park

Formerly the ancient port of Scardona, the picturesque small town of Skradin sits on the right bank of the Krka River with a mulberry alley. Virgil once said that the mulberry is the smartest plant, as it awaits the warm weather and is the last to bloom. The leaves of the tree provide food for the mulberry tree butterfly, also called the mulberry silkworm, from which silk fibres can be obtained. The largest silkworm farm in Dalmatia was located in the town of Skradin in the first half of the ..

Korčula Dance Moreška

If you see a young man dressed in a strange uniform and armed with two swords while mooring your boat in the port of Korčula, do not be alarmed. This man is a Moreška dancer. The Moreška sword dance in Korčula has been a well nurtured tradition since the Middle Ages, and has been granted the status of a protected intangible cultural property of the Republic of Croatia since 2007. Together with Marco Polo, the Cathedral of St. Marco, the Korčula fraternities, stone masonry, wooden shipbui..

How to Work from your Charter Boat this Summer

Booked a sailing charter for the summer with the family, but still got to check in with the office? Although many take vacation time as a chance to unplug completely, it’s not possible for everyone. The growing trend to being location independent means that working remotely has never been easier – even if you are on a boat, even if you are really remote in the true sense of the word.  Here are some things to consider to make sure you can combine work and play smoothly on your sailing hol..

An Insider’s Guide to Popular Charter Boats

There is such a thing as too much choice. Scrolling through the reams of charter boats available on any charter site can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first time. Choosing the right charter boat for your sailing holiday doesn’t have to be a headache. Here is a breakdown of the most popular boat charters and their specifications. You’ll be sailing the high seas in style before you know it! Bigger is Better Over the past few years, there has been a trend in renting bigger boa..

The Winds in Croatia

With your charter boat in Croatia booked, it’s time to think about the wind. The wind in Croatia changes with the seasons and it’s a good idea to have an idea of what to expect in each season. Here is our brief guide, to help you make the best decisions about where and when to sail in Croatia The Main Winds The most frequent winds on the Adriatic Sea are the Bura, Jugo and Maestral winds. Less common are the Ostro, Lebic, Pulenat, Tramontana, and Levant, as well as the coastal winds l..

Early Summer Sailing in Croatia

Sailing season in Croatia is officially from April to October, but it get notoriously crowded in the peak summer months.  Booking a charter in the shoulder season of May and June is an excellent time to sail if you want to avoid the heat, crowds, catch good winds in your sails and get the best deals on charter boats. Here is our guide to why Sailing in May and June is so nice. Avoiding the Teeming Crowds One of the best times to go sailing in Croatia is May or June. Although, the..

Ultimate Sailing Destinations in Europe 2019

With the sheer variety of boating holidays available in Europe these days, you are spoilt for choice. Charter a bareboat yacht, rent a fully-crewed motorboat, escape on a Turkish gullet, elope on a skippered sailboat or sail alongside an experienced crew. Here are 2019’s ultimate sailing destinations in Europe. Island-hopping in Croatia Found at the top of most best-sailing-destination lists, sailing holidays in Croatia are ideal. The mild climate, fresh air, clear sapphire water..