Nature and bird-lovers’ paradise

Not only does Croatia encompass the glistening Adriatic Sea, with its renowned 1000 islands that I know you sailors love, but there are some special places, not too far from the sea that are really worth exploring. Follow me to Vransko Jezero and once you have experienced its beauty, you will wonder why you haven’t heard of it before. Vransko Jezero (which literally translated means “Crow's Lake”) or as it's also called  in English – Lake Vrana, is Croatia’s largest natural lake. Not..

Superb Sailing and Snorkeling in Croatia – where to go

Love snorkeling almost as much as you love sailing? Taking a peek under the surface on a sailing holiday is one of the most pleasurable activities to do off your charter boat. Rocky outcrops, small caves and sandy sea beds can keep the whole family entertained for hours. Kids will enjoy diving for shells (make sure no one’s living in them!) and working on their snorkeling skills. The pristine waters of Croatia offer much for the avid snorkeler. Although there are not any tropical fish in the ..

Zavratnica – a hidden gem on the Adriatic

Croatia is a land of many secret treasures and offers a myriad beautiful places for sailors to explore. One such jewel is Zavratnica, an inlet on the Velebit channel, slightly south/east of the southernmost tip of Rab island on the northern Adriatic coast. At sunset we had sailed into the quaint, small town of Jablanac, just over 0,5 NM north of Zavratnica. Sailors take note: Depth on the South/Westerly side of the port is 3,2 m. Shops, restaurants and hotels in Jablanac are closed in win..

Okrug’s joie de vivre in the way of the sea wolves – enthralling easiness of sailing!

The island of Čiovo is located only about 2nm south of two large marinas in Seget Donji and Trogir. When planning their cruise itinerary, boaters tend to unfairly skip the island, likely due to the rush to get further and further in one’s journey. Despite this, there is no reason for a journey not to start or end in Čiovo. The coast is indented in the island municipality of Okrug and provides more than enough shelter for safe anchorages, so guests of nearby marinas will often choose one of th..

Cruising itinerary Pula-Pula 7 days (by Robert Gal)

The ACI Pula, Veruda, Pomer and Medulin marinas, with their ample offerings of boats for chartering, are situated at the top of the Istrian Peninsula and only a few kilometres from the airport. As they are very well connected with inland areas via the highway, the Istrian Ypsilon, I would definitely recommend that you travel to Central Istria and visit Motovun, Grožnjan or one of the many picturesque places and fortresses and savour the local gastronomy and wines, all of which make Central Is..

Cruising itinerary Punat-Punat 7 days (by Robert Gal)

The Punat marina on the island of Krk is very well equipped and the centre of several yacht charter bases. It is perfectly connected to the bridge and the highway to the inland. Likewise Krk Airport is only 40 km away. Usually, especially because of the summer crowds and heat, the first thought is to sail away as soon as possible! Of course, as soon as you set off and the wind starts to stream across the deck, your face, your hair … the feeling of heat is reduced by half! But hold on ..

Cruising itinerary Punat-Punat 3 days (by Robert Gal)

Krk Island! No matter how many times I have sailed around that island, it still surprises me with something! Yachtsmen are familiar with the more popular southern side of the island, where they most often start from the marina, Punat through the Kvarnerić channel to Rab or Lošinj. It’s unbelievable how many people plan ahead with an ambitious intention to go and see as much as possible in seven days and rush past the islet, Košiljun - an island upon which a Fransiscan monastery is situate..

Goli Otok - Hell in Croatia’s Notorious Alcatraz

Sailing in a northern direction through the Velebit channel, off the northern Croatian coastline, between the islands of Rab and Krk, we came across a set of three smaller islands. One in particular cuts a striking sight rising dramatically, bone white out of the cobalt blue Adriatic Sea. This rocky outcrop called “Goli Otok”, which means “Naked” or “Barren” Island, derives its name from the exposed rock-face that’s had vegetation blasted clean off it by the strong bura winds that blow in fro..

Flying Man Island

Inventor, mathematician and philosopher Faust Vrančić is most widely known for his invention Homo Volans, or the Flying man, one of the first tested and first known examples of modern parachutes. His parachute design bears an uncanny resemblance to old sails of ships during the 17th century and was most likely inspired by the effectiveness of these sails. These old sails have developed over time into the modern sails used today by boaters as they tour the coasts and islands of Croatia on thei..

Yacht Rent is a member of Yacht Pool - what does that mean for you?

Our yacht charter agency is a holder of Yacht Pool certificate for insolvency insurance for 2020, which represents additional security for all our clients. Specifically, if a charter agency or charter company is a member of Yacht Pool and go bankrupt, Yacht Pool provides customer refund of the complete amount paid.   Protecting your prepayments is important and necessary as it was already shown to be the case several times in the past. For this reason, it is wise to choose a char..