Sun Safety While Sailing

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. As sailors, we may be exposed to the sun for hours at a time, on the deck of the boat on beaches and taking part in a host of other watersports available. Luckily skin cancer, although one of the most common cancers is also one of the easiest to prevent and when it is detected – highly treatable. Here are some sun-safe practices to prevent Skin Cancer. Heliotherapy Our sun offers many health benefits and a 15 minute sunbath in the early morning, bef..

Clean, Green Sailing

Chartering a boat this summer doesn’t need to be harmful to the environment. The privilege of being out on the water in nature’s fold comes with the responsibility of treating her well. From plastic bags to petrol in the water, there are hazards that boating can bring to the natural world. Here are some easy tips to make sure your boat’s footprint is as green as possible and you understand the Sailing Code of Environmental Behaviour. The Three ‘R’s Reduce, Re-use, Recycle. This well-k..

Why you should book a Sailing Charter Holiday in Croatia this Summer

If sailing in Croatia is not on your wish list, then it should be - and here is why. The Sailing is Sublime You have heard us say it all before. This doesn’t make it less true.  Sailing in Croatia is an unforgettable experience. Cruising the island-studded Adriatic sea, somewhere among its 1000 or so islands, gliding through blue-green waters under bright sunshine. Sailing in a country gives a different perspective of its land and people and Croatia is simply made for sailing. Fa..

Lefkada’s Leucadian leap

Peering over the edge of the cliffs into the breaking Ionian sea; legs a little unsteady and feeling as if a gust of wind could blow us off the edge, we felt exhilarated at finally being here. This was Lefkatas the southern-most tip of Lefkada. We had hiked the long and twisting 16km from Vasiliki where we had left the boat to witness for ourselves the site of the Leucadian Leap – where lovesick souls jumped to their death and condemned criminals were thrown to theirs. Once there stood a shri..

Woman and the sea

Ships and sailboats have long been thought of as a male domain. Even allowing a woman onboard was considered bad luck for hundreds of years, but then so was meeting a redhead (male or female) or someone with flatfeet before a sailing trip! Superstitions aside, history is full of stories of brave women who defied convention and set new standards for seafaring sisters everywhere. In celebration of International Women’s Day, here are just a few of their stories to inspire all the ladies (and men..

The Romance of Sailing

Sailing is undeniably romantic for those of us with amorous inclinations. In essence, sailing holidays are the ultimate setting for that perfect romantic break, honeymoon, wedding or anniversary celebration. Utopian island sunsets, unspoiled beaches and simply getting lost in each other - a yacht provides the means for all this and more. Heading out to sea brings you close to Mother Nature in all her outstanding beauty and it won’t just be your sweetheart that takes your breath away! A Un..

When Chartering a Yacht is not always Smooth Sailing

Chartering a yacht in the Mediterranean is a dream holiday for many. It is worth taking the time, however, to find a good local operator who can iron out any problems.  Being in a foreign land without the language or local knowledge of laws and procedures can quickly turn the dream into a nightmare. Choosing a reputable charter company with a solid reputation can save time trouble and money; as the following case study will illustrate. Our Case Study: Guests Far Away from Home We..

Deck the Sails with Boughs of Holly!

Christmas Sailing Holidays in Croatia and Greece Although the European Winter does not conjure up images of sailing holidays, Christmas sailing in the Mediterranean can be a unique and memorable experience. While sun seekers may be better off heading for the Caribbean or the Southern hemisphere, those wanting to keep closer to home, avoid crowds, do something uncommon and take advantage of off-season charter rates could consider taking a sailing trip this Christmas. Kit yourself out ..

How to Order Seafood on a Sailing Holiday

There is nothing quite like the moment when you drop your sails after a hard days sailing and head into port. Windblown and salty, we look forward to an evening on land. Invariably, our minds turn to dinner as we cast our eyes upon the numerous seafood taverns overlooking the harbour. Already, the smell of grilled fish in the air entices us onshore.  Seafood is a popular cuisine for sailors and many a Mediterranean restaurant offer scintillating traditional recipes using the catch of..

Talking the Talk - Basic Nautical Terms

Knowing the right sailing terms to use on board a boat is crucial in communicating while you’re sailing and nobody should take to the water without knowing the basics. Terms used by sailors for hundreds of years are still used today. They are scattered throughout the English language, some dating back to the16th and 17th century. Here you will find the some basic nautical terms that every sailor should know as well as some fun sayings that have crept into everyday language, but have their ori..