Yacht Charter Management

Have you ever dreamed of owning a sailing boat, setting off to the sundrenched sailing grounds of the Mediterranean or further afield?  Has the expense of such a venture stopped you in your tracks? Yacht charter management may offer an elegant solution to offset the cost of your boat while still being able to enjoy it. What is Yacht Charter Management? Charter management is a business relationship between the charter company and the boat owner, whereby the charter company off..

New Year, New Hobby?

Forget giving up something for the New Year, why not start up something instead? How about a hobby that gets you outside more, keeps your body and mind active and is plenty of fun? Sailing is a hobby that can quickly become a way of life and is easier than you think. Here we will set out some tips to get started. Starting from Scratch Never been on a boat? Overwhelmed by the jargon and skill set required? Sailing is more accessible than ever and there are a number of ways to get start..

Great gifts for sailors

With the festive season or birthday around the corner, here are some gift ideas for the sailor in your life, which will be sure to have him or her excited for the next sailing holiday. A Good Knife A good quality sailing knife makes a great gift for a budding sailor. Make sure that it can cut through sails and ropes. Brands like Buck Solo knife and Wichard are known for their sailing knives. Foul Weather Gear A good set of foul weather gear is a great gift for any both novice ..

How to pack for a sailing holiday

Destination decided. Check. Friends and Family confirmed. Check. Sailing charter researched and booked. Check. Now, what to pack? Packing for a sailing holiday is easy. Fortunately, boat life lends itself to simple living and there are just a few extra things needed that you might not take on a regular holiday. A Duffel Bag is the best bag to pack as it is soft and can be easily stowed onboard. What NOT to bring Although these days with volt inverters available on some boats (chec..

Sailing and cooking

An expanse of blue, flecked with white as far as the eye can see; sails full of wind, picking up speed. The skipper is smiling and the crew, sun kissed and windblown, are basking in the joy of the moment……. Now - what’s for lunch? Being inspired by the culture of the place that you are sailing, plus all the fresh and seasonal produce available and a few tips is all you need to make the most of a sailing holiday in Greece. Without a doubt, two of the top reasons to visit Greece are sub..

Sailing with kids

There are few things as adventurous and fun for kids as a sailing holiday. Getting out onto the sea, helping with the ropes, making new friends in the port, exploring quiet bays with a mask, swimming and rope-swinging  - a myriad of possibilities await them. As parents we look forward to sharing the exhilaration of moving across the water with the sails full of wind! Learning the ropes Besides the sheer joy of it, sailing trips can educate and teach kids many life skills, includi..

Ten Reasons to Charter a Boat in Greece - In September and October

Need a holiday to recover from your holiday? Chartering a yacht in Greece in the autumn season is a good idea for several reasons and will give you opportunities try something different and see Greece from another side. Here are some of them: 1. No crowds – by the second week of September, it’s back to school and all the holidaymakers and locals alike have headed home. Finding a spot in the harbour, a secluded beach or anchorage, a quiet fish tavern and enjoying the peace is all possible ..

Poll: Affordable and crowded or pricy and exclusive, you decide

There is nothing quite like the moment when the engine is switched off, the sails are raised and the only sound is the wind in the sails and the slapping of the ropes on the mast.  All eyes are on the horizon, the sails of fellow sea travelers dotting the vast expanse of blue. For some, the sight of fellow seaman is reassuring, pleasing even; others prefer to be the only boat around, purposely avoiding the crowds and seeking out remote islands and anchorages. Simplicity, safety and c..

Boat Review: The Elan 45 Impression

For those of you familiar with the Elan brand in sailing boats, it will come as no surprise that the latest entry in the Elan Impression cruising line, the Elan 45 Sailing boat, combines modern technogical expertise with respect for tradition and elegance. Designed by world renowned boat designer, Ralph Humphrey, and built by Elan, a global name in boat building, it lives up to its name. Founded in 1945, Elan started out by building kayaks, canoes and small boats with waterproof wood. The..

The Queen of Comfort - Bavaria 46 Cruiser

Robust, spacious and luxurious, Bavaria 46 Cruiser was crowned 'European Yacht of the Year' (2015) for a reason. This Bavaria/Farr collaboration upgraded the existing charms of Bavaria 45 Cruiser into the spacious, modern and convenient 46 Cruiser. It's a new addition to our offer and we've thoroughly enjoyed taking this classy beauty for a sail along the coast of Pula and would definitely say we understand why this boat is not only a favored choice for owners but a desired charter yacht as w..