Floating gas station in Marina Veruda, Pula

Good news for all sailors who choose to visit or rent a boat in Istria, is a fact that Marina Veruda in Pula has a new gas station. Marina Veruda now has a floating gas station type "Flash" and finaly solve the problem with fuel supply, to the satisfaction of customers of Marina Verude, boat owners, charter companies and all nautical tourist in Istria. Due to the fact that existing gas has been closed since March 2011, this solution with floating gas station solve a major problem of fuel supp..

Croatia at the top of Europe by the quality of bathing water

If you need another reason why to spend the summer vacation in Croatia, then you will enjoy the fact that Croatia is at the forefront of European countries by the quality of coastal bathing waters. Croatia has excellent quality of bathing waters, moreover, the water quality is higher then European average - published by the European Environment Agency (EEA) and the European Commission in its report on the quality of bathing water. The report assesses the bathing water quality in all 27 EU..

Safe Tourist Season 2013

Croatia, as a famous tourist destination in the world is primarily a safe country, for domestic and numerous foreign tourists. The Croatian Government has recognized the importance and benefit of investing in additional security of tourists during the tourist season in Croatia and from 2009. co-financing program "Safe Tourist Season", which brings together police officers from foreign countries. Police officers from 13 different countries from which Croatia has the highest number of guests, d..


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