Gulet & Motor Sailer Charter Italy

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motor sailer - gulet Sicily Italy Oy
- gulet
Berths: 12+2
17,900€ - 19,000€/ week
per person 1,279€ - 1,357€/ week
Cabins: 6 / WC: 5
Charter place: Sicily
motor sailer - gulet Napoli Italy My Bubu
- gulet
Berths: 12
13,420€ - 20,740€/ week
per person 1,118€ - 1,728€/ week
Cabins: 6 / WC: 6
Charter place: Napoli

What is the number of motor sailers for charter in Italy in 2023?

There are 2 motor sailers for charter in Italy in 2023 in our offer.

Updated: 2023-06-04

Cabins: 5-6 0.511.52Number of motor sailers#'; 2

What is the average charter price of a motor sailer in Italy in 2023?

The average charter price of a motor sailer in Italy in 2023 is 16,131€ per week based on 2 motor sailers from our offer. The highest (average!)price is in the week from 2023-07-29 (20,740€), and the lowest is in the week from 2023-03-25 (13,420€). The charter price in the lowest season drops up to 35% compared to the price in the highest season.

Updated: 2023-06-04

Average charter prices of a motor sailer in Italy

2 Boats

1234567891011122023 Cabins: 5-6 500010000150002000025000Price€/week'; 13,420€2023-01-0713,420€2023-01-1413,420€2023-01-2113,420€2023-01-2813,420€2023-02-0413,420€2023-02-1113,420€2023-02-1813,420€2023-02-2513,420€2023-03-0413,420€2023-03-1113,420€2023-03-1813,420€2023-03-2514,640€2023-04-0114,640€2023-04-0814,640€2023-04-1514,640€2023-04-2214,640€2023-04-2914,640€2023-05-0614,640€2023-05-1314,640€2023-05-2017,080€2023-05-2717,080€2023-06-0317,080€2023-06-1017,080€2023-06-1719,520€2023-06-2419,520€2023-07-0119,520€2023-07-0819,520€2023-07-1520,740€2023-07-2220,740€2023-07-2919,870€2023-08-0519,870€2023-08-1219,320€2023-08-1918,710€2023-08-2618,710€2023-09-0217,664€2023-09-0917,490€2023-09-1617,490€2023-09-2317,490€2023-09-3017,490€2023-10-0715,921€2023-10-1415,660€2023-10-2115,660€2023-10-2815,660€2023-11-0415,660€2023-11-1115,660€2023-11-1815,660€2023-11-2515,660€2023-12-0215,660€2023-12-0915,660€2023-12-1615,660€2023-12-23

How much does a motor sailer rental cost per person in Italy in 2023?

The average price of a motor sailer rental per person in Italy in 2023 is 1,300€ per week. The price per person is calculated on the basis of 2 motor sailers from our offer, in such a way that the average price of the motor sailer rental is divided by the maximum number of persons allowed onboard. The highest (average!)price per person is in the week from 2023-07-29 (1,728€), and the lowest is in the week from 2023-03-25 (1,118€). The difference in the rental price from the highest season to the lowest is up to 35%.

Updated: 2023-06-04

Average motor sailer rental prices per person in Italy

2 Boats

1234567891011122023 Cabins: 5-6 45090013501800Price per person€/week'; 1,118€2023-01-071,118€2023-01-141,118€2023-01-211,118€2023-01-281,118€2023-02-041,118€2023-02-111,118€2023-02-181,118€2023-02-251,118€2023-03-041,118€2023-03-111,118€2023-03-181,118€2023-03-251,220€2023-04-011,220€2023-04-081,220€2023-04-151,220€2023-04-221,220€2023-04-291,220€2023-05-061,220€2023-05-131,220€2023-05-201,423€2023-05-271,423€2023-06-031,423€2023-06-101,423€2023-06-171,627€2023-06-241,627€2023-07-011,627€2023-07-081,627€2023-07-151,728€2023-07-221,728€2023-07-291,543€2023-08-051,543€2023-08-121,503€2023-08-191,453€2023-08-261,453€2023-09-021,365€2023-09-091,351€2023-09-161,351€2023-09-231,351€2023-09-301,351€2023-10-071,220€2023-10-141,198€2023-10-211,198€2023-10-281,198€2023-11-041,198€2023-11-111,198€2023-11-181,198€2023-11-251,198€2023-12-021,198€2023-12-091,198€2023-12-161,198€2023-12-23

What is the average booking rate of a motor sailer for rent in Italy in 2023?

The average booking rate (or occupancy - percentage ratio between the number of booked and the number of all motor sailers) for renting a motor sailer in Italy in 2023 is 17.65% weeks per year (9 weeks) based on 2 motor sailers from our offer for which our booking lists have been updated within the last 7 days. The highest booking rate is in the week from 2023-09-23 (100%), and the lowest is in the week from 2023-12-23 (0%). Minor inconsistencies in the graphs can occur at the ends of the seasons during boats maintenance, because some boat owners mark those periods as reserved by guests, thus increasing the booking rate.

Updated: 2023-06-04

Average rental booking rate of a motor sailer in Italy

2 Boats

1234567891011122023 Cabins: 5-6 50100Booking rate%'; 0%2023-01-070%2023-01-140%2023-01-210%2023-01-280%2023-02-040%2023-02-110%2023-02-180%2023-02-250%2023-03-040%2023-03-110%2023-03-180%2023-03-250%2023-04-010%2023-04-080%2023-04-150%2023-04-220%2023-04-290%2023-05-060%2023-05-130%2023-05-20100%2023-05-27100%2023-06-03100%2023-06-100%2023-06-170%2023-06-24100%2023-07-01100%2023-07-08100%2023-07-150%2023-07-220%2023-07-2950%2023-08-0550%2023-08-120%2023-08-190%2023-08-260%2023-09-020%2023-09-09100%2023-09-16100%2023-09-230%2023-09-300%2023-10-070%2023-10-140%2023-10-210%2023-10-280%2023-11-040%2023-11-110%2023-11-180%2023-11-250%2023-12-020%2023-12-090%2023-12-160%2023-12-23

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