Sailing route planner

With our easy-to-use route planner - plan your own trip!

Our interactive route planner allows you to plot your approximate course and will show you the distances between points. You can use it to plot your whole trip or just the day's sailing.
You will find links to our relevant blog articles along your chosen route and useful information about the harbours and marinas too.
To plot your route, use the controls in the left-hand corner of the map. 
  • Zoom in or out to the desired part of the map (mouse wheel or  + - icons)
  • Click on the third icon, then click on your starting point and drag the mouse to your next point, click and continue. When you have finished your route, click on the "Finish" option next to the icon; or click on the last point again. You will see the total distance of the route in nautical miles (nm)
  • You can edit the existing route by clicking on the fourth icon. Change your route by dragging the points and click the "Save" option when done.
  • Delete the route by clicking on the bin icon and the "Clear All" option.
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