Silbio Port - The Traces of Antiquity

Silbio Port - The Traces of Antiquity

About 0.8 NM north-east from the Savudrija lighthouse, partly hidden from the curious eyes, the ruins of the ancient port Silbio are a testament to an ancient, yet quite lively history of the area. In the Roman time Istria was still known as Histria, with its local population, the Histri. Histris were well known for being very successful pirates, so it isn’t a surprise that this area had a number of well built ports, as well as significant number of shipwreck remains.

Port of Savudrija with pinpointed ancient structures.

The port of Silbio (ancient name for Savudrija) was the biggest port in the Adriatic at the time of the Roman Empire. A true achievement of the period, the port had two grand breakwater structures symmetrically closing the triangular basin of 40 000 m2. The berthing area of the northern breakwater structure is now adapted as a modern berthing area for fishing boats with the original stone blocks built in the concrete. The southern breakwater structure is partly visible through the soil and vegetation on the coast, while the great portion of the construction can be found submerged in the bay. There are also remains of other port structures that are suspected to be basement warehouse areas and stone water storage constructions.

Savudrija-south breakwater

An approach by boat opens a wider view of these ancient remains and gives you a better insight in its grandness at the time of the Roman Empire. In the vicinity of the Silbio port remains, you can find a more modern port with the necessary facilities. So, if you have the time, heed the call of this ancient port and enjoy the charms of Savudrija and the rich offer of the rest of Umag municipality.


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