Winner of the 2014 contest won a 500 € voucher!

Winner of the 2014 contest won a 500 € voucher!

On the 3rd of November 2014 Mrs. Tiziana Carnevali became the first winner of our photo contest, earning a voucher in the value of 500€!!! The winner immediately used her voucher for a two week long boat rental in the current season. And so, with a small help from her Facebook friends she rented a boat with significant savings. The interesting fact is that it only took 80 votes to reach victory. The winner of the contest was exclusively determined by counting the votes of their Facebook friends.

Another contestant gathered 64 votes and thus he lost the 500 € voucher only by 16 votes. He’ll likely remember those 16 friends that failed to join the call for voting. We are soon announcing a new photo contest so make sure to get your cameras ready. All the details will be posted on our website and Facebook profile. Stay informed! Once again, big round of congratulations to our winner and her crew, and to all others we wish plenty of success in the upcoming contest.

80 Facebook friends that helped Ms. Tiziana to win a valuable prize :)


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