Yacht Rent certification

Yacht Rent certification
Yacht Rent is the holder of the Yacht Pool certificate, which is a guarantee of good business results. Only verified and relevant companies are holders of this certificate as a prerequisite for providing quality service for the purpose of protection and safety of their clients. This certificate is held only by those companies whose balance sheets are checked annually by insurers.
"Checked & Trusted" by Yacht Pool provides a list of all agencies and companies that recorded good business results last year and as such ensured business solvency. The validity of the certificate is one year. Therefore be wise and, when choosing a boat for rent, choose the company that holds this certificate and logo. We sail together and safely!
A Quality-Seal gives guidance for charter-customer's decision
What does that mean?
  • company provides reliable financial security because its business indicators are reviewed every year
  • company is trustworthy - therefore payments can be insured at YACHT-POOL
  • company is recommended by YACHT-POOL because YACHT-POOL knows it to be reliable and fair
  • company cooperates constructively with YACHT-POOL because it strives
  • for the confidence and trust of its clients
  • company has a very low complaint rate and is guided by high standards in terms of quality, service and technology



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PRES- L38-19-CA
2021-12-18 - 2021-12-25
Berths: 8+2
4,864€ 4,134€/ week
per person 413€/ week
Cabins: 4 / WC: 2
Charter place: SAINT MARTIN
PRES- N40-20-CA
2021-12-18 - 2021-12-30
Berths: 8+2
6,080€ 5,168€/ week
per person 517€/ week
Cabins: 4 / WC: 2
Charter place: SAINT MARTIN
PRES- 42L-18-CA
Lagoon 42 2018
2021-12-18 - 2021-12-27
Berths: 10
6,755€ 5,742€/ week
per person 574€/ week
Cabins: 6 / WC: 4
Charter place: SAINT MARTIN