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Kupela Cuba
Berths: 8
2,000€ - 3,500€/ week
per person 250€ - 438€/ week
Cabins: 6 / WC: 2
Charter place: Cienfuegos
Marlene Cuba
Berths: 8
2,200€ - 3,000€/ week
per person 275€ - 375€/ week
Cabins: 4 / WC: 2
Charter place: Cienfuegos
Piropo Primero Cuba
Berths: 8+2
2,500€ - 4,300€/ week
per person 250€ - 430€/ week
Cabins: 6 / WC: 4
Charter place: Cienfuegos
Sofia Cuba
Berths: 8+1
2,600€ - 4,200€/ week
per person 289€ - 467€/ week
Cabins: 5 / WC: 4
Charter place: Cienfuegos

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Rob Holmes
“Just on my last night on the boat and I have had a fantastic time. I have loved the boat and Croatia has been amazing...”
Rob Holmes
Fountaine Pajot Elba 45
Charter place: Trogir
Christopher Smith
“The marina in Punat is nice too, very clean - everyone was friendly and helpful. On the negative side: there are not enough parking spaces for the number of boats/people ...”
Christopher Smith
Bavaria Cruiser 33
Charter place: KRK
Barbara Zielinska
“We had a wonderfull time. Boat as well as the whole service was excelent. ...”
Barbara Zielinska
Dufour 335
Charter place: Rogoznica
“we found a way, and now we are sailing happy :) ...”
Oceanis 43
Charter place: Corfu
Darcel L.
“I had a wonderful 3 weeks on the boat. Croatia is beautiful as ever and the weather perfect.”
Darcel L.
Lagoon 46
Charter place: Trogir
Torsti Pullola
“An awesome sailing with an excellent cruising boat. We will be back and for more weeks next time!”
Torsti Pullola
Eminence 40
Charter place: Sukošan