Monachus Yachts - Honouring the timeless philosophy of boatbuilding

Monachus Yachts - Honouring the timeless philosophy of boatbuilding

The protagonist of the ultra-modern Mediterranean sailing and cruising style

In Dalmatia, Croatia in 2004 an exclusive motor boat and yacht manufacturing shipyard was born from the vision of one man. Let me introduce you to Monachus Yachts and the man that created them.

The founder of the Monachus Yachts brand, Mr. Hari Tabak, has been captivated by the navigational properties and hydrodynamics of various types of boats and yachts ever since attending sailing school in 1972.

Monachus Yachts' Founder's Vision

Hari Tabak made his first modifications to sailboats as early as 1979, followed by undertaking in-depth research of motor boats. His passion, that still prevails with as much enthusiasm to this day, developed into his craft in 1985, and in about the mid-1990s, the idea of ​​designing a soft-line, low-profile boat with the best possible stability and ease of movement during displacement, semi-displacement or the gliding method of sailing, intrigued him. After several attempts to reconstruct various boats, in 2004 he decided to begin a new project from scratch. He named it Monachus after the Latin name for the Mediterranean Monk Seal, locally known as "the man of the sea", which enthralled him with its smooth and graceful movements through the water.

The prevailing design concept of Monachus yachts and boats is fundamentally timeless elegance. They set a precedence for stability, ease of navigability and functional design (ergonomics). Taking into account structural strength, geometry of the hull, as well as the distribution of major boat weights, are priorities that are never compromised. Even if certain functions in some areas are ultimately at the expense of space volume, the safe and comfortable navigation of Monachus yachts is always an absolute priority.

A great amount of time and effort has literally been poured into and invested in the Monachus Yachts project, which has culminated in Monachus yachts cruising the tides in the Mediterranean, Florida and the Far East today, while Harry and his younger colleagues continuously contemplate the ebb and flow of the harmony between the latest updated technology and old, well-trusted traditional values ​​...

A Word from the Founder of Monachus Yachts

"From the very beginning, our driving force has been the immense enthusiasm embedded in all components of our work. The vision of the best hydrodynamics, low silhouettes, correct ergonomics and giving material shape and use value to all of the above required a strong fuel, and we draw it from the molecules of emotions. By evolution we strive for revolution, and we think of the right moment as right now. We focus on the quality and safety of navigation and strive to always improve. We are grateful to our customers for choosing the Monachus brand, and we consider their trust to be the most valuable currency."

~ Hari Tabak

Yacht-Rent: Monachus Yachts owner, Croatia

Monachus Yachts Boatyard and Production

The Monachus Yachts boatyard is located in the Muć municipality's industrial zone in Dalmatia, about 30 kilometres inland from Split on the Adriatic coast of Croatia. There they manufacture and produce vessels in the controlled environment of their own production facility. The process of building Monachus yachts and boats by applying advanced technology relies on the knowledge accumulated by their design team who collectively have several decades of authentic, hands-on experience of cruising the seas. Monachus Yachts also offer the option to tailor-make part of the design to cater to their customers' personal wishes and individual needs. Prime materials are meticulously selected to enhance the team's masterful work. At the same time, sophisticated equipment is prudently chosen from their partner manufacturers and other suppliers for installation in Monachus yachts, so that they accomplish the best possible final product. And from where I look at it, they certainly seem to have achieved this.

On your journey, we want you to experience that unforgettable moment which is hard to describe and which you will cherish forever.”

~ Monachus team

Yacht-Rent: Monachus Yachts shipyard, Croatia

Monachus Yacht's After Sale Service and Support

Keeping in mind, and I'm sure you will agree with me, that it is imperative for a sailor to receive support after the purchase of his new boat or yacht, no matter whether it was purchased direct from the company or through a sales rep, Monachus provide a service line on their 'customer service' portal to assist you wherever you might be sailing the seas. In the high season from 1 June to 1 October there is a 24-hour hotline and during the remaining eight months, the line is operational from between 8 am to 6 pm (Central European Time) and assistance can be given in English, German and Croatian.

Monachus Yachts are able to offer a speedy response for their yacht owners sailing in the Adriatic Sea. And best of all, the service they provide is on an ongoing basis even when the warranty period has expired or in the event of the yacht being purchased by another owner.

New on the Mariners' Market - Monachus Yachts' 70 Fly

To be premiered at the Venice Boat Show 2022

Monachus will be launching their classy, newest addition soon - The Monachus 70 Fly - an impressive and elegant yacht with a sporty spirit and attractive appearance

Yacht-Rent: Monachus Yachts 70 Flybridge

This project has been in the pipeline and has been given a great deal of forethought for many years. The preparation for the production of this model has been in process since early 2019. The Monachus 70 Fly is a motor yacht that upholds the traditional Mediterranean style, perfectly integrated into a modern design, very much like Monachus' smaller Pharos 43 and Issa 45 models. Hari Tabak and his proud team are able to declare with confidence  that the Monachus 70 Fly is an absolutely 'timeless' motor yacht. And just one look was enough to convince me that this concept was well thought out and stands a cut above the rest.

To get down to the specifications of this classy boat, the interior of the Monachus 70 Fly is available in two options - four cabins and four toilets, or three cabins and three toilets. Both versions provide a double cabin and a skipper's toilet that has its own entrance on the bow. There is a saloon and wheelhouse on the main deck level and the kitchen is positioned at the very entrance of the external cockpit which guarantees maximum practicality for utilising the external cockpit area.

Yacht-Rent: Monachus Yachts 70 Flybridge - galley

The Monachus 70 Fly is 21.5 metres long, and at its widest part of the bow, has a width of 5.7 metres, while the hull is 4.7 metres wide on the waterline. You will notice its sleek and spindle-shaped line which flaunts a highly-developed bow right away. Furthermore, this sporty number also exhibits its agile dynamics. Even if you know very little about yachts, it would be obvious to you at a first glance that this is an 'elegant yacht with a sporty spirit'. Of course this is determined from the outset by the utmost best maritime and maneuvering abilities. Well, let's take a look beyond its most striking visual impression and delve into the inner workings of this craft. Monachus Yachts has installed two VOLVO engines combined with the IPS-1200 system. This boosts the 1000 hp engines producing an outcome aligned to that of a classic axle drive of 1200 hp. To add to the fantastic propulsion effect, the IPS considerably reduces fuel consumption by up to 35%, and likewise, exhaust emissions. Exhaust gases emerge deep below the water line on the actual IPS, so that the owner and his guests onboard are not adversely affected during the cruise voyage. Plus the engines are extremely quiet.

Yacht-Rent: Monachus Yachts 70 Flybridge - cabin

In order to perfect the uniqueness of its prime model, Monachus have installed a DPS system (dynamic position system). In other words, with a press of a  button, the DPS allows you to direct the boat to remain steady in the default position, maintaining not only the left-right and forward-backward movement, but also the bow-stern axis action. The Monachus 70 Fly provides control units at three command posts - at the main deck wheelhouse, the fly wheelhouse and at the stern cockpit. In addition to the DPS and stern tightening winches, all three command posts are fitted with an IPS Joystick so that it's possible for a crew of only two people to enjoy a vessel of this size. Instead of the classic flaps, they opted for the vertical self-levelling interceptor version, which always keeps the ship in a horizontal position during cruising providing as comfortable a sailing experience as possible.

Monachus do not use the adjective of 'luxury' to describe their yachts, because they say that this should be understandable and a given for all yachts. Rather they emphasise their outstanding uniqueness. The Monachus 70 Fly will be launched in May this year, and the premiere of this most charismatic model will be displayed at the Venice Boat Show from 28 May to 5 June 2022. Come and visit us there and see for yourself ....

Would you like to Charter this Monachus model?

This version of the Monachus 70 Fly will be available for charter so you will be able to rent it and experience the pleasure that this craft brings when cruising.


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