Pegasus 50 - Ocean Sailing at its Best and Easiest

Pegasus 50 - Ocean Sailing at its Best and Easiest

Have you been dreaming about buying a yacht, but can’t afford to buy the wrong one? There’s an exciting new option – you can hire a Pegasus 50 for short test sail and see what it’s like to sail one for yourself before you decide to invest.

Whether you’re an experienced sailor or novice, you know that the three most important requirements for any sailing trip are safety, speed and comfort for the skipper and his guests. A boat that handles easily and is well-suited to short-handed blue water cruising is a winning recipe. If these are some of your personal requirements, the Pegasus 50 would suit your needs. Add to that its uncompromising performance, and you have a winner for sure!

The Pegasus 50 is designed, engineered, and serviced by an adventurous seafaring team who bring years of firsthand experience in blue water sailing to their business. Quality equipment is a great priority, and the Pegasus 50 is fitted with reliable, durable, and easy to maintain, repair and replace parts, sourced from trusted suppliers. The Pegasus 50 is a category A compliant ocean-going vessel, designed to be stable even in winds up to 40 knots and wave heights of 4 m.

Do yourself a favour, and allow yourself to experience the freedom and silence when the sails catch the breeze, with nothing else to hear but the swishing of the waves against the hull and the wind teasing the sails. It’s addictive and soothing.

Safe sailing comes first

Designed with this in mind, the yacht has a very comfortable and well-protected cockpit, with a protective glass windshield and a retractable canvas bimini provides good shelter when the weather turns rough or on days when the sun beats down.

The saloon and cockpit are connected by a sliding glass door, so wherever you're seated, visibility is excellent. The boat is light and airy, which makes spending time below the waterline comfortable and pleasant. The many hatches and large windows not only increase visibility but also bring good ventilation and airflow throughout the boat.

Yacht-Rent: Pegasus 50

Reliability and practicality to create ease of sailing

No sailor wants to be left in the lurch on the open seas so reliability is of paramount importance! With that in mind, the Pegasus team use quality suppliers and strive to produce highly reliable yachts. Compared to other yachts of this size, the Pegasus team focuses on simplicity and keeps in mind that 'less is more' with fewer parts, leading to less potential mistakes. The large aft compartments were not turned into cabins, but used for technical operating systems. Furthermore, the technical areas are divided into separate function areas, with all water-related equipment on the port side and electrical and electronic equipment on the starboard side. This means routine checks and any maintenance work is so much easier to carry out without being cramped into tight compartments. The Engine room is accessed through a cockpit hatch, as well as from the technical room.

Seasoned yachtsmen have given their input in the creation of Pegasus yachts, which enabled meticulous planning and the creation of sufficient storage space in the galley and in all areas of the boat.

Yacht-Rent: Pegasus 50

Ergonomics for state-of-the-art yachting

Step only three steps down the companionway from the cockpit into the airy, bright, and spacious saloon, and you’ll find seating for at least 8 people, with a stylish foldable table that forms the base for a double saloon bunk. The best thing about this double bunk is that it’s gimballed, keeping the boat steady and level no matter the angle that the boat heels. You can be confident of a good night’s sleep when under sail.

To maintain the peace and quiet when at sea, cabins on the Pegasus are situated away from the noise and vibration of the doubly-insulated engine and maintenance compartments. The cabins are positioned close to the centre of the yacht where there is less movement.

Interior spaces are well-designed and constructed to flow seamlessly and comfortably from one end of the boat to the other. This is where the saloon seating is situated, for your ultimate comfort.

There are two cabins; the main cabin has an en-suite toilet and shower, with a choice of separate or double berths. The guest cabin can have either two bunk berths or a double berth. Need more bed space? Add two berths in the front cabin area - that's if you wouldn't prefer to keep that area as a sail or storage locker.

The well-designed galley has plenty of storage and worktops, and you’ll be able to make delicious meals without being thrown around the saloon.

The Pegasus has a proven safety record in diverse weather conditions, and plenty of handholds, both inside the boat and on deck, for those days when the sea is temperamental. The large saloon windows offer panoramic views, which are not only comfortable, but also a bonus for any passengers who get seasick and need to keep their eyes on the horizon.

If you’re worried about seasickness, scientific research has proven that when cruising on the ocean, sitting where there is little boat movement, i.e., as close to the vertical centre of gravity of the boat, significantly reduces seasickness and fatigue.

Thanks to the input and advice of experienced sailors, the Pegasus is meticulously planned and designed to make it a comfortable and safe vessel that delivers all the speed, safety, stability, and comfort that any boat buyer would appreciate.

Yacht-Rent: Pegasus 50

Sailing speed

To provide for maximum speed, careful planning went into the conceptual and design plan to create a streamlined contemporary hull structure. Total displacement was taken into account so to avoid reducing diesel (480 litres), water (740 litres) and equipment capacity, weight reduction has been optimised by quality engineering and lightweight construction.

All this careful planning created a streamlined contemporary hull that performs extremely well under diverse sailing conditions. Quality engineering, innovative lightweight construction and carbon fibre mast and boom make this boat very light, and a lighter boat is always faster. Under full main sail and jib, with TWS 22 knots/100 TWA and on autopilot, speeds of up to 12,5 knots are possible. Grab a cocktail from the fridge, sit back, put your feet up, take it easy and let the yacht take you to exotic destinations, comfortably and safely.

Some Main Specs and Distinguishing Features

The boat is equipped with a Standard 75HP Diesel engine and carries 480 litres of diesel and 740 litres of water. There is a large battery bank to keep all your devices charged and important navigation equipment functioning.

The Pegasus easily handles heavy upwind conditions, and the aft-set mast gives more sail area, making sail handling a breeze. This is a great boat for sailing in light winds, while still being stable and comfortable in heavier wind.

The tandem keels improve safety, comfort, and speed during long distance sailing, with improved directional stability and reduced rolling. The tandem keels give more reverse steering control when docking in crowded harbours as well.  The shorter rudders reduce drag and offer almost total control in all conditions with very little danger of broaching. A well-balanced sail plan and auxiliary steering system maximise energy usage for the autopilot, drawing power mainly from the solar panels. The Pegasus 50 is easy to sail upwind, in fact, with her lighter, stronger, and safer hull construction, this boat performs well in any wind.

With the dinghy stored in a compartment under the cockpit floor, you can easily launch the dingy and go exploring around any anchorage. A convenient fold-out swimming platform makes it easy to climb back on board after a refreshing swim in the sea.

Maximum length

14,98 m

Beam max.

4,83 m

Draft standard

2,30 m

Dry weight excluding options, liquids, crew

12300 kg

Ballast ratio
(to dry weight)

39,69 %


Diesel 75HP-sail drive

Diesel capacity

450 liters

Water capacity

740 (370) liters

Mainsail standard
(furling boom)

69,10 m2

Genoa furling 104%

66,00 m2

Category CE

Yacht-Rent: Pegasus 50

About Pegasus Yachts, its founders and team

Marko Paš and Miha Breskvar, the founders of Pegasus Yachts based in Ljubljana, Slovenia have years of sailing experience, and their boat design and building skills have produced more than 10,000 yachts. 10 of their projects won European Yacht of the Year Awards, and they won 50 national Boat of the Year Awards. They continue to work with top class marine specialists and suppliers to bring their clients the ultimate best in deep ocean cruising.

Marko, Miha and their team are extremely proud that the Pegasus 50 was nominated as "European Yacht of the Year" in 2021.

Rest assured; you are in safe hands when sailing a Pegasus yacht. So cast off, raise your sails and head out to the blue. Lean back and let the wind take you where your heart desires to go.

If you are looking to purchase a great sea-going yacht and would like to test the Pegasus 50 for a few days, contact Yacht-Rent to check if it is available for rental.


Pegasus Yachts

Pegasus Yachts d.o.o. Celovška 280, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia +386 41 370 107 +386 41 686 096



Author: Diana Karmela

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