Croatia at the top of Europe by the quality of bathing water

Croatia at the top of Europe by the quality of bathing water

If you need another reason why to spend the summer vacation in Croatia, then you will enjoy the fact that Croatia is at the forefront of European countries by the quality of coastal bathing waters.

Croatia has excellent quality of bathing waters, moreover, the water quality is higher then European average - published by the European Environment Agency (EEA) and the European Commission in its report on the quality of bathing water. The report assesses the bathing water quality in all 27 EU Member States, as well as Croatia and Switzerland. According to their research, Croatian bathing waters on the Adriatic are rated by excellent quality in 96.1%, 2,6% of bathing waters were classified as good quality, 0.8% did not take a sample, while only 0.3% rating was poor quality. This means that of the 912 beaches on the Adriatic coast, where the samples were collected, 876 of them have excellent quality, 26 beaches have good quality, while only three beaches are rated as poor quality. It is important to stress that Croatia does not have a beach, or a place where swimming is prohibited due to poor water quality.

This nice acknowledgment of the European Commission, which places Croatia high in the rankings, it is extremely important for the Croatian nautical tourism, but also present the obligation of all of us to take care of the Adriatic Sea and its preservation.


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