Early Summer Sailing in Croatia

Early Summer Sailing in Croatia

Sailing season in Croatia is officially from April to October, but it get notoriously crowded in the peak summer months.  Booking a charter in the shoulder season of May and June is an excellent time to sail if you want to avoid the heat, crowds, catch good winds in your sails and get the best deals on charter boats. Here is our guide to why Sailing in May and June is so nice.

Avoiding the Teeming Crowds

One of the best times to go sailing in Croatia is May or June. Although, the sailing season has begun, it is much less crammed. This means that finding a spot in your favourite marina, a table at the well-known restaurants, top table at the seaside bar or club and the famous beaches (almost) to yourself is much more likely than in the busy summer months when school’s out and things are a little crazy. The stunning nature parks and medieval city centres, so popular with tourists, will also be less full and much more pleasant to stroll around. Also, the well-organised, full service Croatian Marinas tend to be quieter, which means easy access and maneauvering, and more attentive service.

Keep your Cool

Officially summer season, May and June in Croatia heralds rising temperatures and longer days (15 hours) without the exhausting heat of mid-summer. Sea and air temperatures in May and June are perfectly pleasant for sailing and swimming, you don’t have to crank up the aircon keeping your carbon footprint reasonable too.

If you want to stop off and see historical sights, the breathtaking natural parks, walk the famed walls of Dubrovnik or spend all day in the open, the summer months can be brutal reaching temperatures of 40C  (140 F) plus. The average temperatures in Croatia in May are a balmy 22C to 27C (72 – 80 F), although the sea can be a little fresh at 18C (64F) Jumping off the boat it will certainly be invigorating!

The long daylight hours mean plenty of time to sail to your next destination and enjoy the Croatian natural beauty along the way.

May the Winds be with you      

When sailing in Croatia in May or June, you will encounter light to moderate winds usually between 10 and 20 knots. Winds can be a little less predictable at this time, but with local knowledge and an eye on the forecasts, you can plan your trip to make the best of the seasonal winds.

Maestral, the prevailing thermal wind in Croatia’s blows in a northwest direction. It typically picks up around midday and lasts until the early afternoon - ideal for afternoon sailing after a lazy morning in port.

Authentic experiences

Early summer can offer a more authentic look into real Croatian life. It’s easier to connect with the locals, something that is difficult in the busy summer months when they are tending to the masses. Getting to know the Croatian people, culture and pastimes could be the start of new friendships that call you back to visit this remarkable land.

Special deals on Charter boats

One of the biggest advantages of booking a sailing trip in May or June is the availability of special deal and even last minute deals. In the high season, you need to book your charter way in advance, might not get the boat you really want and have to pay high-season rates. Also, a wider choice of sailing charters, powerboats, and catamarans is available and one can often pick and choose from the whole fleet and book the boat of your dreams!

With so many good reasons to go sailing in Croatia in the early summer, check out our special offers for May and June and book your charter today!


Save the Dates - 2019

International Children’s Festival Šibenik, June 15th to 29th

If you have little sailors on board, and you are sailing in the Šibenik region, Šibenik hosts an annual international festival for children and the young at heart. This multi-disciplinary even includes visual arts and design, puppetry, theatre, street art, music and dance. Activities include craft workshops, performing arts events, children’s film and theatre, puppet shows and parades. The streets and squares of the city come alive and are surrendered to children and their creative drive.

Hvar Lavender Festival, Hvar Islands, June 24th and 25th

On the beautiful island of Hvar, the Annual Lavender Festival celebrates all things lavender. Aromatic fields of this powerful plant stretch for miles on Hvar; it’s a beautiful sight to behold. The Lavender festival is a two day event including lavender-distilling and other workshops, events, concerts and plenty of stands offering lavender products.

Sea Star Music Festival Umag 23-26 May 2019

Four days of EDM, Electronic and House music on Croatian shores in late May. The location of this music fest is the Stella Maris Resort in the beautiful coastal city of Umag on the Istrian Peninsula, Northern Croatia. International headliners and a majestic surrounding.

Secret Island 2019 Sibenik 30 May - 2 June 2019

Sail to the secret island (if they’ll tell you where it is) for some serious escapism in the Adriatic with a supercool soundtrack of EDM and electronic music by an international line-up.

Salsa Festival, Rovinj, Istria 24th June to 1st July

The 15th anniversary edition of this one-of-a-kind festival celebrating salsa, mambo & Afro-Cuban music and dance. Dance workshops, events and demonstrations attracting an international set in ravishing Rovinj. 


by Merryn Wainwright

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oliverqueen2250 - 2020-06-30

Since Croatia is an affordable and safe place the sailing can be done in early summers and the paragraph clearly states that the official season which is between April to October in which clearly suits it.
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