1. Payment
Charterer is obliged to effect payment 50% of the total amount within 3 days after signing the Contract. The rest - 4 weeks before the start of the charter. The payments can be effected in: cash (EURO, USD, etc.), or by Bank transfer. Charterer is also obliged to submit to Lessor the list of names and addresses of all crew members, 4 weeks before to charter period.

2. Charter fee
Charter fee covers the use of vessel and related equipment (incl. full service on board, except beverages). The vessel is handed over to the Charterer with Crew members (Captain/cook/sailor) with full water and fuel tanks, seaworthy and clean, prepaired for the specified (7 days) cruising period. The captain of the vessel is obligated to prepare the Crew-list, collecting the personal documents, and the Charterer is obliged to sign the Crew-list.

3. Charterer rights
Lessor is obliged to deliver vessel seaworthy. If Lessor fails to make vessel available to Charterer at the agreed time and place, other vessel with similar or better characteristics has to be available. Charterer may request reimbursement for days he did not have the vessel at the agreed place. Charterer may withdraw from the Contract and claim reimbursement for as many daily rent charges as the vessel was unavailable.
There are no other compensation rights.Charterer is entitled to check together with a Captain if the vessel is seaworthy, or whether all equipment items as per check list are in good condition. Eventual insignificant shortages/defects of vessel or equipment, give no right to Charterer to reduce the original charter fee.

4. Deposit
Upon take over of the vessel, the Charterer leaves the deposit : EURO 1.000 / in cash only.
The deposit is fully refunded if the vessel/equipment remains undamaged and according to check-list.

5. Insurance
The vessel is mandatory insured for all damages done to third parties.
All Crew members are covered with the Insurance policy ( against Accident ).

6. Charterer 's responsibilities
For Charterer's acts and/or neglect for which the Lessor is responsible to a third party, Charterer will cover all expenses to Lessor for material and legal costs resulting from such acts and/or neglect. Charterer is particularly responsible in case the vessel is seized by officials on basis of illegal action.The costs of damaged or lost items of vessel or equipment are to be covered by Charterer, i.e. Lessor will deduct the amount in question from the Deposit.

7. Charterer's liabilities
Charterer (agreed with Captain) is obliged to sail within the Croatian territorial waters (written permit must be issued for any exception), with no danger for the ship or the crew. Charterer is obliged, to respect Captain's decisions ,customs and other rules and regulations,to handle the vessel, it's inventory and equipment carefully.

8. Lessor's rights and liabilities
Lessor has the right to withdraw from Contract not later than 15 days prior to the charter period, being obliged to refund the amount paid in by Charterer. Captain will (not necessarily) accept the Charterers wishes regarding the route of sailing. One fish meal will be served daily, beverages to be charged separately according to the price list. The private storage of beverages in cabins, is not allowed.
Eventual "dog on board", has to be approuved from all crew members on board.

9. Withdrawing / Cancellation of the charter
If Charterer for any reason withdraws the charter (only by written and signed notice),he can, if previously agreed,cede his rights and duties to another person. If he fails, the costs of cancellation shall be reinbursed from and that:
-30% of the charter fee for the withdrawing/cancellation till 2 months before the charter commencement,
-50% of the charter fee for the withdrawing/cancellation within the last month before the charter commencement,
-100% of the charter fee for the withdrawing/cancellation within 15 days before the charter commencement.

10. Complaints
Only written and signed complaints will be taken into consideration.

11. Disagreements
For all disagreements resulted from the above mentioned claims and can't be settled peacefully, will be authorized the court of Lessor.

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