Preveza Marina

Preveza Marina is situated in the centre of the town of Preveza on the west coast of Greece, six miles from of the island of Lefkas. The marina seems to still be under construction, but it is possible to berth alongside the five concrete piers. The marina is located at the North end of the long waterfront of Preveza and seems to be leased to the Cleopatra Marina which is located on the opposite side of the bay.

Shelter is excellent and there are numerous cafes and tavernas within five minutes' walk of the marina.

Preveza Marina is a good base to start a sailing trip to the Ionian Islands close by.


Works have been underway since 2016 to further improve the facilities here like toilets and showers. Yachts tend to moor alongside and there is water and electricity on all pontoons. There is a large parking area and it is possible to organize a mini-tanker for refueling. All the amenities of Preveza town are available and the busy quay has a good nightlife.

Getting there

Preveza Marina is just 6 km away from the Aktion International Airport.







Name: Preveza Marina
Place: Greece , Preveza ,

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