"Sailing in Croatia" Guide

"Sailing in Croatia" Guide

Association for the promotion of tourism destinations, products and services UZAP announced now his third free travel guide for mobile and tablet devices called "Sailing in Croatia." Every year there is a dilemma which destination to visit for the holidays. Hotel or hostel, car or plane, yacht or boat? Renting a yacht or boat really does not fall often on mind. This guide is excellent for dispelling myths about unattainable and expensive boat charter and sailing across the Croatian coast. This guide provides to all visitors and guests useful information about the voyage on the Croatian Adriatic.

Sailing in Croatia's guide in available now in English, accompanied by numerous photographs and interesting topics. Every true sailor certainly wants to read it since its ideal for viewing on mobile and tablet devices, and can be used at any time and in any place. To view the guide you wil l need internet access and before viewing it is necessary to download to it to your mobile device. Guide contains useful information for boaters as well as descriptions of all known Croatian islands, a list of gas stations, a detailed description of all the marina, general information about Croatia, as well as information about the arrival and movement around the country. You can start with an online overview.


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