Q Yachts - The intelligent option in construction and performance - Green charter

Q Yachts - The intelligent option in construction and performance - Green charter

We have entered a new era in yacht design and manufacture due to the high standards set by contemporary sailors  and the urgent need to go green even in yacht charter. Way back in 2004 Janne Kjellman founded Oceanvolt in Finland. They are renowned as the forerunner of electrical propulsion boating and have gone on to achieve multiple awards globally.

Q Yachts - synonymous with silent boating

Now Janne Kjellman brings us new innovation in the form of Q Yachts. Founded by him in 2016, they combine leading edge, up-to-date technology with a stylish, elegant design. Q Yachts advocate "Electric Silence" - a progressive concept in yachting. Their 100% electric Q30 model speaks for itself, or should we say in their words, "Let the water speak", because it's so quiet you will enjoy cruising as never before. Sit back, relax and simply glide along, immersing yourself in the natural sound of water softly splashing alongside..

Q Yachts was founded in 2016 with the vision of being the leader in the global electric boat arena by 2026. They set a high standard, their top priority being to satisfy their customers' needs from ease of use, un-compromised safety, top quality design and technology, energy efficiency and low maintenance, all combined to create an exclusively, carefree and memorable experience. Their goal is to produce as close to a 100% sustainable product as possible and the most silent boat available. Oh and, by the way, the "Q" stands for "quintessential" - the most perfect embodiment of a boat - as is apparent from all the favourable reviews received.

Q30 green charter

And now we bring you Q Yacht's state-of-the-art model - Q30

The exclusive, minimalistic Q30 cuts a striking form with a hydro-dynamically fashioned hull, ultimately providing high energy efficiency and enhanced, smooth skimming through the water. The noise and wake are minimal and there are zero emissions - a most relaxing, serene and enjoyable boating experience.

The 9,3 m long Q30 makes for a superb day cruiser for charter. Yet, with its bright and spacious cabin, refrigerator, electric toilet and water point, you could comfortably embark on overnight trips. It could also complement and fit in perfectly as a stylish tender for a bigger, sophisticated yacht. The smart joystick features enables an easy and enjoyable way to experience the new era of boating. The different driving modes offers both experiences boaters as well as skippers who rarely charter boats to easily dock sideways and keep the boat in place by an automatic skyhook.

Q30 green charter

The Q30 can comfortably complete a 10-hour or 60 nautical miles cruise at a speed of 6 knots. It's maximum attainable speed is 14 knots. Don't let it's refined, neat and clean looks fool you! It delivers what you would expect of, and can easily rival, a performance sailing yacht. The Q30 produces a superior thrust and can go from zero to full torque in a flash. The batteries conveniently achieve a full charge overnight, and the good news is that a normal plug can be used to charge them anywhere.


9.3 m


2,20 m


0,6 m


2x Torqeedo Cruise 10.0 FP Pod 10.0 kW


30kWh Lithium battery pack


Shore charger 220VAC for overnight charging


Fully electric drive-by-wire steering with joystick

Silent Cruising Speed

6 kn

Fast Cruising Speed

9 kn

Max Speed

14 kn


Add your signature stamp to your Q30 yacht

Options are available to tailor-make your own personalised vessel. You may choose the standard white gelcoat, or perhaps you would rather elect a colour of your choice. Other items that can be customised are materials for the deck and interior fabrics, add a carbon fibre hard T-top or removable sun canopy, and top it all off with additional gadgets or advanced steering mechanisms.

More innovation from Q Yachts - The Q30 Limousine

The Q30 Limousine is specially constructed as the answer to transporting groups of people, tranquilly and gracefully, along busy waterways in cities and on lakes e.g. Venice and Amsterdam. In the near future, it is anticipated that only environmentally-friendly boats will be allowed in some of these regions. There is a huge need to become more environmentally aware and for us to take drastic measures in reducing water pollution, currently mostly caused by typical engine-powered vessels.

Q30 limousine green charter

And lastly, the Q24 Club

The Q24 Club boat was designed specifically for hiring out. It has been built to sustain continuous use, is simple to operate and affords lower operational and maintenance expenses than regular boats with combustion engines. Additionally it's been fitted with a user interface that divides the amount of total battery capacity between the individual daily renters. This makes it a breeze to monitor and run your rental business remotely.

Q24 green charter


At present we still don't have electrical boats in our charter offer, but since green technologies are accepted by many yachtsmen as clean sea lovers, don't be surprised that by the time you read these lines, some charter companies have already included such boats in their rental fleets. In fact, check our rental boats right now because, you never know, maybe we already have some available  :-)


Q Yachts

Q Yachts Oy, Lapinlahdenpolku 8, 00180 Helsinki, Finland

info@q-yachts.com , sales@q-yachts.com +358 40 509 3813



Author: Diana Karmela

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