I'm hereby sharing our impressions. Everything was pretty excellent! Some ideas for improvements:
  1. Currently upon arrival we called the skipper to understand where our yacht is located (dock F at the "second marina") and where's the rental office (close to the bridge) and that first we should visit the office. This exact information with a map and guidelines can be sent before with e-mail.
  2. If using a hired skipper, think about a sepparate version of the contract where the main responsibility for the yacht is on the skipper and not the crew. If the skipper is good and the crew does not need to pay a deposit, this would be also good to know in advance.
  3. Specially for the firsttimers:
    1. Currently the skipper made a brief introduction for people first time on the yacht about using the toilets, closing doors, closets, using toilet pumps, floor pumps etc. This guide can be also sent to crew already before arrival.
    2. Provide a list of what kind of supplies (toilet paper, soap, towels for the kitchen, salt-pepper, sugar etc) are needed on the yacht. This could be also sent previously. Or why not to provide such a basic service for some extra fee?
  4. Provide also wine glasses on the yacht. This time they were missing, but fortunately the skipper was able to organize those.
  5. Provide some sharpening equipment to sharpen the knives. They were pretty bad.
  6. Usually yacht dishes are made from plastic so they will not brake if droping from the table. Our glasses were made from glass I think. Fortunately nothing happened.
  7. Wine fridge did not lock. I think there was a missing pin to lock it. On our trip some bottles flew out from it.
  8. The auto pilot was not working. Was it working the previous trip and how come you did not know that? Fortunately for the crew it was OK because we had hired a skipper, but I think he had more work this time.
  9. The current yacht model did not had some yacth specific things like more edges on the tables (e.g. skipper's table etc) and more placeholders for things. Specially for the glasses-bottles on deck area. This time we improvised and used the 6-glass cardboard which suited even for the bottle. Maybe you can improve the yacht a little or provide some "meant-to-use" equipment for holders.
Some photos attached.
Thank you for this trip! The yacht had a really good big deck (under the main sail) compared to many other yachts. And the skipper was also a really good choice :)
Charter yacht model: D&D KUFNER 54
Date: 2017-09-23
Charter place: Croatia , Trogir ,

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Extra Discount Extra Discount

2018-08-18 - 2018-08-25
Berths: 6+2
1,800€ 1,440€/ week
per person 180€/ week
Cabins: 3 / WC: 1
Charter place: LOŠINJ
Dehler 34 1992
2018-08-18 - 2018-08-25
Berths: 4+2
1,300€ 1,118€/ week
per person 186€/ week
Cabins: 2
Charter place: Biograd na moru
2018-08-18 - 2018-08-25
Berths: 6+2
1,800€ 1,548€/ week
per person 194€/ week
Cabins: 3 / WC: 1
Charter place: Biograd na moru

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