Marine Christmas and a Naval New Year

Marine Christmas and a Naval New Year

Snow covered mountain tops, city squares brimming with cheer and joy, warm fireplace and a fireworks display in the distance, what wonderful ways to spend your winter vacation... for a landlubber. Now, if you're a true sailor, you won't let something like a bit of winter chill stop you from spending time on glistening blue waves. Why not consider a winter yacht chartering adventure? Just think, this will arm you with a perfect opportunity to prank good ol' Santa; it would be interesting to see how his chimney sneaking strategies work out in the open sea.


New Year in Istria, Christmas in Venice, How About That?

In case you're still skeptic about this marine arrangement, think of it this way, the only difference from spending your vacations at home is the bonus of enjoying the beautiful Mediterranean scenery without the usual holiday hustle and the fact that you have the freedom to visit several seaside locations without the additional fuss of packing, unpacking and driving from town to town looking for accommodations. Croatia is brimming with beautiful locations to visit during your winter yachting trip.

If you prefer northern Adriatic there are numerous enchanting places to visit, like seaside cities of Istria (Rovinj, Poreč, Pula, Vrsar, Novigrad) and the natural Adriatic gems (archipelago of Brijuni and islands Cres and Krk). However, if you’re more drawn to the southern expanse of the Adriatic, Dalmatia also has many interesting locations to offer. You might also find some other locations alluring; hidden in the Slovenian seashore you can find charming cities of Izola, Piran Portorož and Kopar. Nestled in the most northen gulf of the Adriatic, Venice reigns as a most popular New Years hotspot, use this opportunity to experience this historically rich city from a new angle.

And finally, for the most adventurous of sailors there are also long distance winter sailing offers starting in the city of Biograd and heading north exploring many beautiful pearls of the Italian, Slovenian and Croatian coast. A comfortable winter yacht chartering vacation is made possible thanks to a variety of vessels equipped with heating. This way, even at sea, you can enjoy a cozy winter atmosphere. Presently there is a wide choice of such vessels offered under different price ranges, so make sure to carefully browse through them or contact us so we can help you find the most suitable boat for your needs. Once you decide on your travel arrangement all that remains is enjoying numerous marine winter activities.

Twinkling Lights, Tightly Secured Christmas Tree and a Lavish Christmas Dinner - How Hard Is It To Pull Off?

If you wish a complete winter experience you can enrich your trip with a yacht decorating activity. It's just like decorating your home, only with an extra twist; a challenge how to keep your decorations in their intended place. Express your creativity by taking Christmas decorating to a new level that includes keeping your Christmas tree from sliding across the boat interior and preventing the ornaments from turning your room into a heap of sparkles and glitter.

In addition to festive decorations make sure not to miss the traditional rich winter cuisine. Every boat is equipped with a kitchen complete with a stove and an oven so you can prepare delicious home-made meals for your fellow sailors; just make sure to ask for additional gas bottles if you're a true culinary enthusiast. On the other hand if cooking isn't your forte, you have a wide variety of restaurants at your disposal, all you have to do is drop anchor in one of the charming Croatian seaside cities and browse what delicacies they have in store for you.

Launching Fireworks from a Boat - Yes or No?

When it comes to New Years pyrotechnic display, you couldn't ask for a better position when viewing the fireworks from the surrounding seaside towns. However, if you're interested in engaging in amateur pyrotechnic activities of your own, make sure to check with the yacht renting company. As long as you follow the safety procedures they're unlikely to have any objections. A particularly important difference in spending winter holiday on a yacht, in comparison to spending it in your home, is the need for regular weather monitoring. The weather can be very moody in the winter, so make sure to do an extensive research of the weather in the area before you decide to embark on your winter marine adventure.


When planning where to spend your Christmas and New Year, there’s no need to keep your feet firmly on the land; with the varied offer of boats you can merrily sail through your winter holidays. Take a strong hold of the helm and show the winter who’s the captain.



Author: Natalija Borjanović
Photo: Jessica Merz


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