Mooring prices in Croatian ports

Mooring prices in Croatian ports

Adriatic is extremely tempting sailing destination and since Croatia will join European Union soon, the same trend will be continued. Jadran is extremely appealing to all European navigators and even more. Mooring places are extremely popular, especially those in the sea, although moorings on land are increasingly demanded in last few years. Availability of berths in ports depends on many factors. In recent years, nautical tourism is extremely popular and the prices are raising increasingly.

Marinas offers to its customers numerous services and service prices are divided into seasonal and one off-seasonal prices. If you have rented a vessel of average length of 12 m you will need to set aside about 480 Kunaa per day while in high season berth costs approximately 530 Kunas. For vessels about 15 m will have to pay 580 Kunas per day. Boaters with average income can afford only a berth at the smaller sport ports but the problem is that the demand for moorings exceeds the available capacity. For example, one of the largest marina on the Adriatic coast, Marina Kastela, with over 420 berths offers still available berths. For boat length approximately 12 m monthly berth costs 705 Euros while annual berth stands 650 Euros.


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