Savudrija’s Lighthouse of Love

Savudrija’s Lighthouse of Love

Settled on the very north of the Croatian coast, in the municipality of Umag, the lighthouse of Savudrija is known for being the most northern of all Adriatic lighthouses. Casting its light as far as 32 kilometers or 17 NM, it stands 36 meters tall and it houses one very lucky lighthouse manager. Built in the year 1818, it is the oldest lighthouse in the Adriatic, as well as the first European lighthouse fueled by gas.

The lighthouse of Savudrija is also a very sturdy building. Despite being built in a windy area, thanks to its good construction and heavy roof tiles (70kg) it resists even the strongest ‘bura’ (north-eastern wind). Wind is not the only force this building resisted; in 1945 it was mined by German soldiers. Thankfully, in the nick of time, it was saved from being blown up.

In the midst of all these anecdotes, this lighthouse is rightly remembered for a love story. Before it was built, there stood a house, protected by tall walls, build by an Austrian nobleman, Metternich for his local paramour. Metternich is said to have been quite taken by his beloved, so much so, that he decided to build a lighthouse next to her home. Regretfully, the unfortunate girl never lived to see the lighthouse cast its light, since she passed away short before its completion. Grieved and forlorn, Metternich left Istria never to be seen again, yet it is said that the lighthouse still echoes with the steps of his unfortunate lover.

If you’re spending your yacht charter vacation near Umag, make sure to sail a bit more north and explore the intriguing historic offer of the Savudrija area.

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