Ship in the Wine Bottle

Ship in the Wine Bottle

If you own a boat, be sure to make time for a visit to the southern Dalmatian coast. Just 2 nm from Korčula, you can find the second biggest Croatian peninsula Pelješac, the birthplace of two of the finest Croatian wines; Dingač and Postup. Take upon yourself the liberty to uncover everything about Pelješac vineyards that bring forth the premium quality Croatian wines. This is a golden opportunity to find a perfect bottle for your ship and finish your sailing trip by observing the fading hues of the setting sun from your deck. 

Wine road of Pelješac

Wine road of Pelješac was constructed on the foundation of the Napoleon road that was built more than two centuries ago and it traverses through the most beautiful parts of the peninsula. Along the road you can find numerous cultural monuments and by taking a tour you can become acquainted with the entire process of winemaking. This road became a main route for many curious travelers; local and foreign tourists, yacht charter holiday-goers, people seeking relaxation as well as the extreme sport thrill-seekers. 

If you dock your boat in Orebić there are several ways to tour the inland of the penninsula and its wine roads; you can rent a bike, motorbike or a car or take a taxi. The wine road is located around 15-20 minutes by car from the coastline. The picturesque vineyards of Pelješac tickle your imagination and the wine cellars hide the finest wines in the area. In order to facilitate traveling through the southern hills from Potomje, a 400 meter long Dingač tunnel was constructed. It’s interesting because at its very start you already see the light at the end of the tunnel. This tunnel requires a specific method of going through it; when you reach the tunnel take time to se if there are any vehicles at the other end. If that is the case, then wait for your turn. However if the coast is clear, the tunnel is all yours! ;) In case of an emergency there are still several lay-bys within the tunnel. 

Two Siblings – Dingač and Postup

There is no reason not to taste both of the exquisite flavors of the Pelješac vineyards.  Dingač is a protected wine of dark red - purple color with blue reflections. The taste can be described as harmonious and full with a slight bitter tinge. Postup is the other protected Croatian wine produced from over-ripe grapes of the Plavac Mali variety harvested at the Postup area of the Pelješac vineyard. A good year for making Postup is considered to be the one that due to specific micro-climatic conditions gives birth to over-ripe grapes with 30% of dry berries increasing the sugar content of the wine. In some years Dingač vineyard area can get berries so dry that they raise the ethanol content; some years even the ethanol content even reaches the highest possible level. The fermentation process is sometimes stopped before all the sugar ferments so both Dingač and Postup can be found as dry or semi-dry wines.

Peljesac - Dingac and Postup wineyards

A Short History of the Best Glass of Wine

Wine is interwoven with the history of Dubrovnik. Since the ancient times all through the period of the Republic of Dubrovnik the tradition of vineyards has always been maintained and cherished. The 1272. statute contains the incredible 56 laws regulating wine production. As a village, Dingač is mentioned in the year 1653, however for more than a century it was forbidden to plant vineyards in Pelješac. It was only in 1820. that Petar Violić from Potomje was granted the permission to plant one in Dingač. More precisely, he had 1680 square meters on his disposal to plant the grapevines. This started the history of Dingač as a vineyard area and its premium quality wine.

Art of Traveling Accompanied by Premium Wines 

Sailing along the southern coast of Croatia impresses even the hardiest of sailors. The sight of the Adriatic, its hidden coves covered by unique Mediterranean flora, all accompanied by the orchestra of crickets is truly a breath taking sensation.  However to explore the lands that give birth to finest grapes, and the specific locations that nurture quality wines that create a symphony of flavors on your palate is definitely one of a kind experience. Dingač and Postup – a premium bottle for your boat!



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