The Queen of Comfort - Bavaria 46 Cruiser

The Queen of Comfort - Bavaria 46 Cruiser

Robust, spacious and luxurious, Bavaria 46 Cruiser was crowned 'European Yacht of the Year' (2015) for a reason. This Bavaria/Farr collaboration upgraded the existing charms of Bavaria 45 Cruiser into the spacious, modern and convenient 46 Cruiser. It's a new addition to our offer and we've thoroughly enjoyed taking this classy beauty for a sail along the coast of Pula and would definitely say we understand why this boat is not only a favored choice for owners but a desired charter yacht as well.

Steady as She Goes

In our own experience and according to numerous other accounts this strong family cruiser sails exceptionally well. Bavaria 46 Cruiser comes equipped with a simple but powerful rig that includes a furling mainsail and a small furling genoa. Not unlike other Bavarias, it can reach impressive speeds for such a robust vessel. According to Bluewater Sailing it can achieve 7.5 knots of speed at 10 knots of true wind which certainly coincides with our own experiences with the yacht. The cockpit, with its twin helms is efficiently set up and offers great visibility and stability for the captain thanks to the practical foot chocks keeping you on spot when the boat heels. When set up properly, it's very fun to sail and thanks to the twin rudders it turns smoothly, gliding with ease over the waves, maintaining its elegance even in strong wind.

Originally Bavaria 46 Cruiser comes equipped with a 55 HP Volvo Penta engine with sail drive and it's found to manage 6.5 knots with ease. The boat has good maneuvering properties thanks to the twin rudders and by using windage as well as bow and stern thrusters you should have no problem while mooring or casting off.  Thanks to the efficient sail plan and a well designed cockpit and deck, it's possible to sail such a large yacht with a fairly small crew.  Built by seasoned yacht designers, in tune with high quality standards, this enchanting cruiser is well balanced from each angle. 

Beautiful Outside and Inside

The first thing you'll notice about Bavaria 46 Cruiser is most likely its size. Thanks to its voluminous build and an efficiently set up deck there's definitely a lot of space under the sun which includes a roomy and comfortable cockpit which makes it easier for the person behind the helm to enjoy steering in happy company. Another thing that simply invites you to spend time in the fresh sea air is the full width lowering transom and its convenient swimming platform that can be neatly folded away. 

The voluminous Farr-designed hull offers an impressive amount of living space that can comfortably house up to eight people. The interior is modern and innovative in many ways. Bavaria 46 Cruiser has a flexible number of cabins (3 or 4) thanks to the inventive and practical bulkhead and door setting which can divide the master cabin into two spacious and comfortable berths. Each cabin has a lot of head space and a satisfying storage locker space for clothes and different gear for all weather conditions so you can assure your crew members they can pack comfortably. There are two heads with separate shower rooms and the saloon as a central point of the boat's living space. The luxurious saloon can comfortably seat eight people, it has a table also suitable for setting up charts,  an efficient cooking space that any on-board chef would enjoy and an innovative and practical navigation space set up for immediate access.

When it comes to storage space it's quite obvious that Bavaria 46 Cruiser doesn't disappoint. It has generous cockpit storage space for lines and safety gear as well as a sufficient sail locker under the deck. It has an approximately 210 liter capacity for fuel and 360 liter capacity for water. 

Bavaria 46 Cruiser

Bavaria 46 Cruiser - interior

Bavaria 46 Cruiser - kitchen

Adriatic's Favourite

Bavaria yachts are overall most numerous boats in our offer counting 1830 vessels total with Bavaria 46 model taking the top place with 260 vessels altogether. For those who prefer newer boats Bavaria 46 Cruiser would be the most sensible choice having taken into consideration that our offer includes 46 Cruiser models from the years 2016, 2015 and 2014. In addition to Bavaria 46 Cruiser you can also take into consideration Bavaria 46 Vision model that is also usually associated with newer yachts. If you prefer to take a more experienced boat for a sail and you're a fan of Bavaria 46, we also have models dating back to the years 1997 or 1999. Naturally, in addition to being the most numerous, Bavaria 46 Cruiser is also one of the most popular models we offer. Thanks to the general popularity of Bavaria yachts it's followed by other Bavaria models like Bavaria 40, Bavaria 37 and Bavaria 44.

Bavaria 46 offer- Yacht Rent

Bavaria models

The Right Boat for the Job

If you dream of a fun sailing trip with an atmosphere of elegance and convenience and you wish to comfortably settle your friends on board, Bavaria 46 Cruiser would be our boat of choice.  As you can see in the following video, we've thoroughly enjoyed our time on this beautiful yacht, basking in the sun and fresh sea breeze, simply gliding through the Adriatic and we hope you will share our experience. 

Bavaria 46 Cruiser - sailing

Captain :)

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