Handbook: Weather on Adriatic

Handbook: Weather on Adriatic

This manual is an indispensable part of the library on each boat or yacht chartered to sail across the Adriatic. It contains a lot of useful information about the winds on the Adriatic Sea, about the dangers that can get you into trouble, the local storm signs and folk wisdom about weather forecast. It contains about 176 pages with high quality photographs of all weather conditions with detailed descriptions of individual waters.

You will know the particularities of various Adriatic regions. You will learn to read weather maps, correctly and comprehensively listen weather forecast, how to browse trough the weather sites, and all of this will make your charter trip safe and enjoyable. This manual is different from others because besides the classic advices and information it includes parts about the customs and experiences of fishermen and sailors who on many occasions guarded their lives and property. Source: More magazine.


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