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Yacht-Rent - Yacht Charter Croatia is for those who would like to sail, explore and enjoy the beautiful Croatian coastline and islands, with every boat in the charter at their disposal for cruising. Here you can find and book all types and models of yachts that can be found in Croatia's charter offer, covering the regions of Istria, Northern Adriatic, Dalmatia and Southern Adriatic. Our offer of 3.849 charter yachts in Croatia includes rentals of Sailing Yachts, Catamarans, Motor Boats, Speedboats, Gulets and Mega Yachts throughout the Adriatic. Bareboat charter in Croatia - an active sailing vacation is very popular with clients who have sailing experience and possess a valid certificate of competence required for renting and navigating a boat in Croatia without a skipper. As an alternative, Crewed or Skippered Yacht Charter in Croatia provides you with a nice vacation on board and relaxing cruising holidays throughout the Adriatic. When booking a boat in Croatia make the most of our early booking and last minute discounts. Yacht-Rent - Yacht Charter Croatia is where your sailing vacation begins...

Yacht Charter Mediterranean – Boat Rentals in Greece, Italy, Turkey, Malta, France

Beside Croatia, Yacht-Rent can take you sailing in Greece or Turkey or any other Mediterranean destination like Malta, France, Italy or Spain. There are numerous motor and sailing yachts available along the beautiful Greek regions and islands like Dodecanese, Cyclades, Ionian and Sporades. Lovers of the wonderful Italian coast can find various vessels available for charter in marinas in Sicily, Sardinia, as well as along the Tuscany coast. Apart from the Mediterranean, we can offer even more exotic destinations for your sailing such as yacht rentals in the Caribbean.


For those who are not able to manage the boat on their own, we have a special service - crewed yacht charter - where a group of guests can rent an entire yacht with it's crew and enjoy an absolutely stress-free vacation. Another option for such a relaxing holiday on a boat is to book a cabin on some of the cruises sailing on predetermined routes along the Croatian coastline, which you can find with us as well. These cabin charters are mainly available on mini-cruisers and small luxury cruising vessels providing a more intimate environment for clients.

Extra Discount   Extra Discount

sailboat Bénéteau Platu 25 Sardinia Italy
Bénéteau Platu 25 2000
2024-06-29 - 2024-07-06
Berths: 4
1,260€ 907€/ week
per person 227€/ week
Cabins: 2 / WC: 1
Charter place: Sardinia
sailboat Bénéteau Platu 25 Sardinia Italy
Bénéteau Platu 25 2000
2024-06-29 - 2024-07-06
Berths: 4
1,300€ 936€/ week
per person 234€/ week
Cabins: 2 / WC: 1
Charter place: Sardinia
sailboat First 35 Pula Croatia
First 35 2011
2024-06-29 - 2024-07-06
Berths: 4+2
2,200€ 1,540€/ week
per person 257€/ week
Cabins: 2 / WC: 1
Charter place: Pula

Bareboat charter

The most popular and engaging of all our charter options is the bareboat charter. It is a perfect choice for people with some sailing skills who prefer planning out their own itinerary according to their interests. If you decide to go with our bareboat charter option you will enjoy complete passenger privacy on board, individual expense management by the passengers, as well as a free choice of anchorages, marinas, sailing duration etc. This is the most affordable type of boat charter. If you have a valid skippers' license and adequate knowledge of bareboating, you can enjoy an active sailing holiday in Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Italy or in any other country where your license is valid and we have yachts to offer for charter.

Skippered charter

Skippered charter in Croatia is also highly sought after for renting sailing yachts, catamarans and motor boats. You can choose any boat in our yacht charter offer and hire a skipper who will be responsible for the maneuvering of the yacht. The skipper/captain that you want to hire has all the required licenses and nautical skills, as well as good communication skills and a friendly attitude towards guests or passengers. In accordance to your wishes and weather conditions, he will make the best decisions for itinerary, routes, anchorages, etc. Renting a skippered boat in Croatia can be a great choice for a casual, relaxing and carefree sailing vacation.

Crewed charter

Crewed charter in Croatia is the most personalised form of yacht charter, which applies to gulet charter and luxury motor yachts rentals. It is one of the most comfortable and enjoyable types of holiday you can spend in the Adriatic, fully organised according to a client's desires and preferences. Due to the fact that a complete crew (captain, steward, cook) are on board 24 hours a day, guests are provided with a full service at any time. You can choose between half-board, full-board or an all inclusive service, according to your food type preferences as well as any other specific requests you might have. More about crewed gulet charter in Croatia...

Yacht-Rent offers 3.849 boats in Yacht Charter Croatia, that are available for rent along the entire Croatian coast and islands. Here you can easily find, book and rent all types of available vessels in Croatia but also vessels for yacht charter in Greece, Turkey, Italy as well as yacht rentals in Malta, France or Spain. Yacht charter offer in Croatia includes open boats for daily trips, small boats with 1 to 3 cabins, large boats with 4 to 6 cabins and luxury yachts with accommodation for more than 12 persons. A large selection of sailboats and catamarans for yacht charter makes Croatia an excellent place for sailing and vacation on boat. You can rent a sailing yacht in Croatia as bareboat or skippered. If you decide to rent a catamaran in Croatia, you will enjoy the combination of sailing and comfort. Those who prefer speed or cruising will be pleased with a surprisingly large offer of motor boats available for charter in Croatia. Renting powerboats allows you to see as much as possible of the Croatian coast and islands. Finally, the gulet and motorsailer charter in Croatia completes this nautical offer providing you with a nice and relaxing holiday on our coast. All special offers and extra discounts can be found here.

Basically we offer the same types of vessels for charter from other Mediterranean destinations and from the Caribbean as well. You can charter a catamaran in Greece, rent a sailboat in Turkey, skippered sailing yacht in Italy or even hire a beautiful luxury yacht with crew from France. You can experience all of this here with us!

One of the special segments of our charter service is cabin charter on cruises with predetermined cruising routes whether on large or small cruiser ships or on a yacht accommodating less guests, but providing privacy and a more intimate environment.

Yacht charter available in the Adriatic is ideally positioned for the finest sailing experience through all renowned areas and recommended places via proposed routes along the Croatian coastline. Most popular charter bases and sailing areas in Croatia are the following regions: Pula, Rijeka, Zadar, Sibenik, Split and Dubrovnik. Boat rental is possible in any of the thirty marinas in Croatia, where we offer our yacht rental services. All charter bases in Croatia are well connected to the largest European cities, making it easy to realise your Croatian sailing holidays.

Since a significant part of the Mediterranean is in the European Union, this makes its destinations easily accessible to visit. It is easier to rent a boat in coastal destinations like Greece, Italy, France and Spain, while for island destinations like Malta, Sicily, Sardinia and Crete you need to travel further. But whether the departure base is in a large city centre, such as renting a boat from Athens, or one of the islands (Dodecanese, Cyclades, Sporades or even the Caribbean), you will receive a uniform service because our partners adhere to standards that apply to chartering in the world.

Everyone can enjoy the cruise regardless of the nautical skills they possess. You can easily choose a cabin for rent on one of our cruise ships that sail on predetermined routes and departure dates. Most often such cruises last a week, but there are also shorter cruises lasting 3 days for those who have less time available. The types of cruise ships available to us may be different.

Cruises on wooden ships

We offer cruises on traditional wooden boats that can accommodate from approximately 20 to 40 people accommodated in cabins of two or three. On most of such wooden boats, each cabin has its own private bathroom with toilet and shower, and on the cheaper ones, there is at least a hand basin in the cabin. Sailing on a wooden ship certainly evokes the atmosphere of some ancient times when these same wooden ships carried passengers or precious cargo.

Cruises on modern vessels

This type of cruise offers greater comfort and more content because the ships used are usually slightly larger and newer. The cabins are more spacious, and each must have its own private bathroom with toilet and shower. Also the service on such cruises is richer. Guests can choose between cabins on the lower and upper decks, and on luxury cruisers there are VIP cabins with their own private balconies where you can relax and enjoy the sailing.

Send a charter inquiry or send an email to info@yacht-rent.com and get the information on which boats are available for rent in Croatia during the desired period. Shortly upon receiving your charter inquiry, we will send you a charter offer, according to your request and specific requirements. We will do our best to find an appropriate boat and make the best charter deal based on your preferences. Once you have selected the boat that best suits your needs, you can book the boat and conclude the lease agreement. More about boat reservation...

You can send the same charter inquiry if you want to rent a cabin on a cruise. Please write us your requirements, departure date and duration of the cruise, which route you would like to sail and everything else you think is important to you. When we receive your inquiry we will check availability and send you our best cruise offer, based on which you can then book a cabin.

How much does a yacht/boat rental cost per person in 2024?

The average price of a yacht/boat rental per person in 2024 is 567€ per week. The price per person is calculated on the basis of 10001 yachts/boats from our offer, in such a way that the average price of the yacht/boat rental is divided by the maximum number of persons allowed onboard. The highest (average!)price per person is in the week from 2024-08-03 (784€), and the lowest is in the week from 2024-10-26 (473€). The difference in the rental price from the highest season to the lowest is up to 40%.

Updated: 2024-06-13

1234567891011122024 CroGreItaTurFraCarSpa 50010001500Price per person€/week'; 408€2024-01-06408€2024-01-13407€2024-01-20406€2024-01-27407€2024-02-03407€2024-02-10407€2024-02-17407€2024-02-24407€2024-03-02406€2024-03-09406€2024-03-16406€2024-03-23409€2024-03-30412€2024-04-06416€2024-04-13432€2024-04-20452€2024-04-27464€2024-05-04494€2024-05-11539€2024-05-18583€2024-05-25621€2024-06-01616€2024-06-08647€2024-06-15684€2024-06-22714€2024-06-29725€2024-07-06737€2024-07-13747€2024-07-20746€2024-07-27748€2024-08-03733€2024-08-10701€2024-08-17672€2024-08-24642€2024-08-31613€2024-09-07569€2024-09-14506€2024-09-21441€2024-09-28408€2024-10-05392€2024-10-12386€2024-10-19388€2024-10-26395€2024-11-02395€2024-11-09398€2024-11-16402€2024-11-23405€2024-11-30406€2024-12-07406€2024-12-14404€2024-12-21 433€2024-01-06434€2024-01-13434€2024-01-20434€2024-01-27433€2024-02-03433€2024-02-10433€2024-02-17433€2024-02-24432€2024-03-02430€2024-03-09430€2024-03-16430€2024-03-23429€2024-03-30427€2024-04-06430€2024-04-13465€2024-04-20519€2024-04-27523€2024-05-04527€2024-05-11572€2024-05-18621€2024-05-25634€2024-06-01630€2024-06-08674€2024-06-15696€2024-06-22710€2024-06-29713€2024-07-06716€2024-07-13720€2024-07-20781€2024-07-27801€2024-08-03800€2024-08-10746€2024-08-17705€2024-08-24691€2024-08-31690€2024-09-07648€2024-09-14633€2024-09-21540€2024-09-28505€2024-10-05471€2024-10-12442€2024-10-19437€2024-10-26435€2024-11-02438€2024-11-09440€2024-11-16442€2024-11-23445€2024-11-30449€2024-12-07449€2024-12-14450€2024-12-21 417€2024-01-06418€2024-01-13420€2024-01-20421€2024-01-27424€2024-02-03424€2024-02-10425€2024-02-17428€2024-02-24424€2024-03-02425€2024-03-09427€2024-03-16428€2024-03-23431€2024-03-30436€2024-04-06439€2024-04-13443€2024-04-20445€2024-04-27454€2024-05-04458€2024-05-11479€2024-05-18515€2024-05-25548€2024-06-01547€2024-06-08581€2024-06-15630€2024-06-22645€2024-06-29678€2024-07-06712€2024-07-13736€2024-07-20786€2024-07-27895€2024-08-03900€2024-08-10782€2024-08-17678€2024-08-24645€2024-08-31584€2024-09-07555€2024-09-14500€2024-09-21453€2024-09-28427€2024-10-05406€2024-10-12398€2024-10-19397€2024-10-26405€2024-11-02403€2024-11-09401€2024-11-16401€2024-11-23406€2024-11-30406€2024-12-07406€2024-12-14412€2024-12-21 518€2024-01-06518€2024-01-13518€2024-01-20517€2024-01-27517€2024-02-03517€2024-02-10517€2024-02-17515€2024-02-24515€2024-03-02515€2024-03-09512€2024-03-16513€2024-03-23523€2024-03-30537€2024-04-06545€2024-04-13599€2024-04-20614€2024-04-27625€2024-05-04639€2024-05-11644€2024-05-18654€2024-05-25682€2024-06-01685€2024-06-08702€2024-06-15701€2024-06-22718€2024-06-29726€2024-07-06730€2024-07-13735€2024-07-20742€2024-07-27747€2024-08-03748€2024-08-10749€2024-08-17747€2024-08-24734€2024-08-31737€2024-09-07732€2024-09-14727€2024-09-21701€2024-09-28675€2024-10-05663€2024-10-12633€2024-10-19616€2024-10-26581€2024-11-02547€2024-11-09510€2024-11-16507€2024-11-23504€2024-11-30506€2024-12-07506€2024-12-14506€2024-12-21 336€2024-01-06335€2024-01-13335€2024-01-20335€2024-01-27345€2024-02-03345€2024-02-10345€2024-02-17345€2024-02-24326€2024-03-02327€2024-03-09326€2024-03-16326€2024-03-23330€2024-03-30340€2024-04-06354€2024-04-13359€2024-04-20383€2024-04-27425€2024-05-04398€2024-05-11423€2024-05-18422€2024-05-25455€2024-06-01461€2024-06-08461€2024-06-15501€2024-06-22522€2024-06-29571€2024-07-06596€2024-07-13628€2024-07-20654€2024-07-27692€2024-08-03694€2024-08-10623€2024-08-17548€2024-08-24518€2024-08-31488€2024-09-07478€2024-09-14466€2024-09-21417€2024-09-28392€2024-10-05364€2024-10-12359€2024-10-19346€2024-10-26323€2024-11-02324€2024-11-09325€2024-11-16325€2024-11-23326€2024-11-30334€2024-12-07293€2024-12-14304€2024-12-21 1,037€2024-01-061,038€2024-01-131,051€2024-01-201,046€2024-01-271,098€2024-02-031,097€2024-02-101,120€2024-02-171,112€2024-02-241,090€2024-03-021,112€2024-03-091,097€2024-03-161,135€2024-03-231,134€2024-03-301,093€2024-04-061,081€2024-04-131,080€2024-04-201,049€2024-04-27990€2024-05-04973€2024-05-11977€2024-05-18955€2024-05-25926€2024-06-01913€2024-06-08915€2024-06-15917€2024-06-22915€2024-06-29913€2024-07-06912€2024-07-13912€2024-07-20887€2024-07-27855€2024-08-03831€2024-08-10812€2024-08-17797€2024-08-24830€2024-08-31829€2024-09-07828€2024-09-14830€2024-09-21832€2024-09-28854€2024-10-05866€2024-10-12878€2024-10-19899€2024-10-26929€2024-11-02970€2024-11-091,005€2024-11-161,031€2024-11-231,006€2024-11-30983€2024-12-071,041€2024-12-141,329€2024-12-21 489€2024-01-06485€2024-01-13485€2024-01-20485€2024-01-27485€2024-02-03485€2024-02-10486€2024-02-17486€2024-02-24482€2024-03-02475€2024-03-09480€2024-03-16487€2024-03-23489€2024-03-30491€2024-04-06492€2024-04-13508€2024-04-20524€2024-04-27553€2024-05-04563€2024-05-11603€2024-05-18631€2024-05-25660€2024-06-01678€2024-06-08709€2024-06-15733€2024-06-22764€2024-06-29784€2024-07-06804€2024-07-13832€2024-07-20863€2024-07-27881€2024-08-03871€2024-08-10842€2024-08-17762€2024-08-24737€2024-08-31723€2024-09-07685€2024-09-14657€2024-09-21606€2024-09-28576€2024-10-05542€2024-10-12524€2024-10-19509€2024-10-26508€2024-11-02510€2024-11-09509€2024-11-16502€2024-11-23509€2024-11-30512€2024-12-07532€2024-12-14538€2024-12-21

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After a whole series of years of successive price increases, our data shows that the average weekly price of renting a boat in Croatia has fallen by approximately 5%.
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Embarking on a cruising journey along Croatia's stunning coastline offers a unique opportunity to experience the breathtaking beauty of Zlatni Rat Beach
“We had wonderful vacation!”
person Family Mak
Bavaria Cruiser 37
Charter place: Biograd na moru
“We had such an amazing time on the boat in July. ”
person Rob Holmes
Fountaine Pajot Elba 45
Charter place: Trogir
“Great experience with yacht charter. Extremely available and very simple management for booking a sailboat. Highly recommended.”
person Christian Zajc
Oceanis 38
Charter place: Pula
“Here is our Yacht-Rent Crew Foto ...”
person Dieter Schaad
Elan Impression 50.1
Charter place: Biograd na moru
“The marina in Punat is nice too, very clean - everyone was friendly and helpful. On the negative side: there are not enough parking spaces for the number of boats/people ...”
person Christopher Smith
Bavaria Cruiser 33
Charter place: KRK
“We had a wonderfull time. Boat as well as the whole service was excelent. ...”
person Barbara Zielinska
Dufour 335
Charter place: Rogoznica