Deluxe Cruise plan "One Way Wonders" (Dubrovnik - Split)

What better way to enjoy the exquisite Croatian coastline and bounteous islands than by hopping onto a luxurious mini cruise ship. Mornings are spent relaxing on roomy decks or plunging into the pristine Adriatic Sea, and afternoons and evenings reserved for discovering historical towns. This 'One Way Wonders' cruise will carry you from the 'pearl of the Adriatic', Dubrovnik to the biggest Dalmatian city, with as big a history, Split, and will ensure a delectable experience of wine, feasting ..

Deluxe Cruise plan "One Way Wonders" (Split - Dubrovnik)

If you are looking for a personally intimate way to get acquainted with the beautiful Croatian coastline and its islands, this mini cruiser, with all its luxuries, is your answer. Days are spent relaxing on the deck or swimming in the crystalline Adriatic Sea, and evenings, visiting quaint towns that bear with pride their interesting antiquity. This cruise, "One Way Wonders", which is one way from Split to Dubrovnik, including local wine and gastronomic feasts, plus many extras, offers wonder..

Yacht Rent certification

Yacht Rent is the holder of the Yacht Pool certificate, which is a guarantee of good business results. Only verified and relevant companies are holders of this certificate as a prerequisite for providing quality service for the purpose of protection and safety of their clients. This certificate is held only by those companies whose balance sheets are checked annually by insurers.   "Checked & Trusted" by Yacht Pool provides a list of all agencies and companies that recorded g..

Deluxe Cruise plan "Dalmatian Paradise" (Split - Split)

There is nothing like a visit to the quaint, picturesque Croatian coastline with its multitude of islands on luxuriously designed, fully air-conditioned small ship cruises.  You will be accommodated in comfortable, roomy cabins, each with bathroom en-suite. Your 'Dalmatian Paradise' itinerary, which we briefly outline below, guarantees weekly departures (May to October) incorporating gastronomical and sightseeing adventures. This cruise will sail to Split, Peljesac Peninsula, Mljet, Dubr..

King Arthur - The legend unwrapped in Podstrana

Don't you just love the legends of King Arthur? Swirling in mystic lore, this colourful personality and his knights of the Round Table stir up images of battles, clashing swords, lances and magical potions. They are possibly the greatest cause of investigation and debate amongst historians, and have featured as the centrepiece for so many fables, literary works, comics, theatre and films. But never has it been historically, scientifically and conclusively proven that King Arthur existed, exce..

Vela Spila - Uncovering secrets in time

What makes sailing the Adriatic such a desirable adventure is the exquisitely calm blue sea as you meander between thousands of islands full of mysticism and folklore. Of course, every sailor knows that one eye must always be kept on the weather in case a sudden unexpected change of wind should blow up a storm. In the heat and heart of summer in July, after a day of smooth sailing around Korčula, a popular island in southern Dalmatia, and voted as the most beautiful island in Croatia, we ..

Ston and The Great Wall of Europe

He gazes down from his post on the lofty lookout, slowly turning 360 degrees. Sharp eyes combing the scene for any potential disturbances to the peaceful rhythm of life below. People bustle in the streets and on the placa (marketplace) between stone buildings with red-cobbled roofs, within the safety of tall walls surrounding the town. Their voices drift up on the breeze touching the tranquility enveloping him. Satisfied that all is well, he adjusts his helmet feeling the heat pounding upon h..

A day in the city of Šibenik with its two UNESCO monuments

Every sailor cherishes being on a yacht, gliding on the waves with a fair wind in the sails and the compass pointed towards new and interesting destinations. I have always been a child of the sea and simply love that feeling of freedom, my eyes on faraway horizons and the taste of salt on my lips. What I also have a passion for is discovering places that speak of history and ancient cultures. While sailing the multi-faceted Croatian coastline, where the river Krka flows into the Adriatic Sea,..

A Guide to Sailing in the Sporades Islands, Greece

The remote and scattered green islands of the Sporades offer sublime sailing in cobalt blue waters with good, constant wind and charming harbours. What’s not to love? With more challenging sailing than the Ionian Islands, but not quite Cyclades conditions it’s great for novices who want to gain more experience and old sea hands alike. Here is our guide to ensure you enjoy the best sailing in the Sporades. Location and Charter Bases The Sporades islands are in central Greece and stretc..

Charter a Boat, Provision like a Pro

Keeping your crew well fed and watered on a sailing trip needn’t be a nightmare. With some forward planning, you’ll be sorted with a healthy breakfast buffet, and whipping up light lunches and tasty dinners in no time. We have written a helpful guide to make sure you have all bases covered and thrown in a cheat sheet to make it even easier. Follow these tips and you’ll be lounging around the sundeck, reefing in the sails and swimming in secluded coves without stressing about supplies. Kee..