Pegasus 50 - Ocean Sailing at its Best and Easiest

Have you been dreaming about buying a yacht, but can’t afford to buy the wrong one? There’s an exciting new option – you can hire a Pegasus 50 for short test sail and see what it’s like to sail one for yourself before you decide to invest. Whether you’re an experienced sailor or novice, you know that the three most important requirements for any sailing trip are safety, speed and comfort for the skipper and his guests. A boat that handles easily and is well-suited to short-handed blue wat..

Set sail for a land of legend and beauty - Rovinj, Istria

Many of you know Croatia as a most sought-after tourist and sailing destination. But have you heard of a gem on the Istrian Peninsula called Rovinj? Well we were enamoured by this ancient and quaint town with its turquoise seas, picture-perfect colourful houses and shiny, well-worn cobblestone streets that surprised us at every turn. Rovinj has an interesting and rich history dating way back to when it was a settlement of the Venetian or Illyrian tribes, through the Byzantine and then Fra..

Monachus Yachts - Honouring the timeless philosophy of boatbuilding

The protagonist of the ultra-modern Mediterranean sailing and cruising style In Dalmatia, Croatia in 2004 an exclusive motor boat and yacht manufacturing shipyard was born from the vision of one man. Let me introduce you to Monachus Yachts and the man that created them. The founder of the Monachus Yachts brand, Mr. Hari Tabak, has been captivated by the navigational properties and hydrodynamics of various types of boats and yachts ever since attending sailing school in 1972. Monac..

ACI Marina, Rovinj - Take a sailing break in the lap of luxurious beauty

Wow! Just wow! That was my first impression as we sailed towards Rovinj on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula in Croatia. The town is quaintly ancient and, by contrast, the ACI Marina on its southeastern side, where our compass was pointed, is pure modern magnificence! A wonderful and striking blend of old and new! Our chartered yacht had been a pleasure navigating around the islands along Croatian's northern coastline. It was comfortable and well-equipped and our days had bee..

Sailing the Brijuni Archipelago: Verige - The Bay of Chains

"And on the Brijuni Islands Venus is born from the sea foam! In the bay of Verige (on the eastern coast of Veliki Brijun), she is petrified in cannelured (grooved) stone columns with Corinthian capitals, one of the temple remains of a first century residential villa", writes Istrian writer and poet Daniel Načinović. We were enjoying a sailing trip around this scenic part of the world - the archipelago of islands off northern Croatia known as Brijuni. Our yacht was berthed in the port at V..

Yacht Rent certification

Yacht Rent is the holder of the Yacht Pool certificate, which is a guarantee of good business results. Only verified and relevant companies are holders of this certificate as a prerequisite for providing quality service for the purpose of protection and safety of their clients. This certificate is held only by those companies whose balance sheets are checked annually by insurers.   "Checked & Trusted" by Yacht Pool provides a list of all agencies and companies that recorded g..

Cruise through the Brijuni archipelago: The Boathouse

What's not to love about sailing around Croatia? Least of all the fact that it has over 1,000 islands scattered across it's coastline. One of my favourite is an archipelago of 14 islands in the northern Adriatic Sea known as the Brijuni Islands. This entire complex of islands boasts a world class holiday resort, having attracted very many famous people over time, and forms an esteemed Croatian National Park. As we sailed from Istria on our chartered 40ft sailboat, we crossed the narrow Fa..

Superstitions in Sailing – Luck and the Supernatural

Superstitions! Those widely held, yet irrational, beliefs in supernatural influences - especially when it comes to good or bad luck. Sailing lore is full of them dating back to the time when sailors were wholly at the mercy of Mother Nature. Some sensible and some downright weird – here is a collection of sailing superstitions from around the world to bear in mind for your next sailing trip. Beware the Crimson Sunrise "Red Sky at night, Sailors delight; Red Sky in the morning, Sailors..

Dealing with Seasickness on a Sailing Holiday

Feeling queasy on a boat? Anyone who suffers from motion sickness will likely feel seasick too. Even the strongest stomachs can turn in rough weather. It’s an unpleasant experience that can detract from the joys of sailing on the open sea, but with a few pre-cautions you can reduce the likelihood and relieve some of the symptoms of seasickness. Why do we get seasick? When the motion you sense on a boat with your inner ear is different from the motion you can see, it causes motion sick..

Know your knots – essential knots for Sailing

Even if it's the first time you have ever been on a boat, learning a few basic knots is not only fun, but useful too. Any competent crew member should be able to tie these basic knots. Bowline The King of Knots! If there is only one knot you ever learn - let this be the one! A useful, strong non-slip loop knot for so many situations, not only sailing. The key to getting this right is the first twist of the rope. Then you can follow this cute anecdote to help you remember the moves. “T..