Adriatic Sea

Adriatic Sea

The Mediterranean Sea is exposed to an increasing number of threats. Marine pollution, traffic, climate change, all of these are the cause of the poor condition and pollutiion of environment. The modern answer to this problem can be protected marine areas. Today is protected only 4% of the total sea area of the Mediterranean Sea. There is hope for improvement because the international Convention on Biological Diversity obliges to increase marine protected areas to 10% by 2020. These parts must be separated by their ecological importance. Allow the preservation of the area, encouraging the local community economy, the sustainability of fish stocks and the economy of the community.

Its beauty is the most basic features of our planet and also one of the most important goods of Republic of Croatia. The incredible fact is that in Croatia, protected areas are covering 12.2% of the land and only 1.94% of the sea surface, which is less than the Mediterranean average. See is covering half of the total territory of the Republic of Croatia and is the worst protected eco-system. It is still protected by several legal regulations. Marine protected areas of Croatia in terms of national parks and nature parks are covering only five areas, only three national and two nature parks. The oldest is Mljet which was declared as national park back in the 1960s. Kornati National Park was declared as protected area in 1980s. while the national park Brijuni in 1983.


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