Boat Review: Sailing Yacht Hanse 505

Boat Review: Sailing Yacht Hanse 505

It's time to shine the light on one of the more popular models in our charter offer, Hanse 505. This powerful sailboat is made by the German company Hanse Yachts, one of the largest manufacturers of sailing and motor boats in the world. Founded in 1990, Hanse Yachts has one of the fastest growing boat yards in Europe and its place on the sailing and motor boat market is one of quality and excellence. Hanse 505, coming after it's predecessor Hanse 455, has taken an existing base for a successful sailing boat and improved on it in terms of design and performance. Designed by the well known Judel/Vrolijk team and constructed fulfilling all the high standards of Hanse Yachts (precision, quality materials and intelligent design) the result is a strong, reliable and steady sailing vessel.

How Fares She Under the Wind?

This sturdy sailboat that leans toward the cruiser category is praised for its sailing ease, stability and safety. The fact that Hanse 505 is a frequent choice as a bluewater cruiser vouches for the steady, smooth and thrilling sailing it provides. A great boat must start with a great design and the Judel/Vrolijk team that stand behind all Hanse sailing boats are well known for their race and cruising yacht designs. All reviews of this boat praise it for how easy it is to sail and for impressive speeds it can reach for such a sturdy vessel and we have to agree. According to various sources (Bluewater Sailing and Sailing Today), Hanse 505 can reach 6+ knots with 10 knots of true wind, and it is reported to provide smooth and exciting sailing up to 10.2 knots with 27 knots of wind in her sails.

What stands behind this stability and mobility is excellent construction and quality of material. The vinylester sandwich construction and the balsa core make the 14.85 m long hull firm, well insulated and resistant to osmosis. The spade rudder gives a good bite in the water and keeps her firm on her course. The boat originally has a 2.38m draft but Hanse Yachts provided an optional L-shaped shoal draft of 1.98m for those that prefer coastal cruising. When it comes to the sail plan the boat is equipped with a large mainsail and a self tacking jib. It is possible to sail the boat single-handedly thanks to the self tacking jib and the dual steering wheels. The twin helm stations enable you to maintain excellent visibility whether you’re sailing windward or leeward, the sleek underbody and the large sails enable exciting and fast sailing while the bow thruster assures good maneuverability.

Sailing yacht Hanse 505

Home On Deck and Below It

The deck of this sturdy boat has a flat structure and it’s kept clean and safe for movement since all the lines go through the panels under it. On the stern we can find a very convenient, easy access bathing platform with ladders. The interior is versatile and contemporary while at the same time paying homage to a somewhat traditional naval design. Unlike its predecessor, the 505 has a fair number of hatches and porthole windows which makes the area bright and airy. In terms of the use of space the sailboat in our charter offer has a roomy and comfortable lounging area and kitchen. It has 5 cabins; 2 with double beds below the prow and stern, and one with 2 bunk beds on the side. There are also 3 spacious heads with showers stalls near the stern. Since this boat is equipped for bluewater sailing its interior offers a high level of comfort and convenience which can keep you cozy for a long time.

Sailing yacht Hanse 505 - interior

One more in the line of Hanse Yacht’s successes, from now on you can find it in our charter offer in Pula. It doesn’t only offer exciting and comfortable sailing experience but its spacious and luxurious interior makes your time at sea comfortable whether you’re actively sailing or just tagging along. And since it’s designed for single-handed sailing you can shift this happy responsibility to your skipper, and fully enjoy the company on deck, or lazy evenings below it.

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