The Galeon 375 GTO - The Future of Motorboats

The Galeon 375 GTO - The Future of Motorboats

The Galeon 375 GTO is the latest motorboat to join the GTO range. It is the perfect yacht to charter for day trips as well as overnight stays. Galeon has had forty years of yacht-building experience and this is evident once you view its impressively sleek and sporty design.

Stand-out features include a two-part sunroof that retracts giving the helmsman excellent visibility. The side windows can be opened providing the passengers with an enhanced sense of speed and the enjoyment of taking in the sea air.

The 375 GTO hull is made from textured fibreglass which is durable and lightweight. The inside of the yacht has a satin finish that gives a gentle glow and a velvety feel. There are soft curves and no sharp edges throughout the vessel. Comfort is assured, making it the ideal motorboat to charter for your cruising adventure.

Cruising is made easy with the 375 GTO. The equipment is of the highest standard and the yacht is equipped with two Mercury V12 outboard engines. They are efficient and fuel-friendly, and, although they are large, you are still provided with plenty of platform space. Your cruising experience will be smooth and comfortable, and the streamlined and elegant exterior will be the envy of other yacht owners.

Galeon 375GTO charter

What You Will Enjoy About The Exterior of the Galeon 375 GTO

There are platforms both to the front and the back of the boat, so it isn’t difficult to get in and out of the water if you want to swim when the yacht is stationary. There is a U-shaped rest area at the back of the yacht that seats six. This area can easily be transformed into a luxurious sundeck.

It is simple to drop anchor as there is a GPS virtual anchor system and an option for joystick docking. The controls are easy to access and the steering wheel moves up and down, making it easy to steer. This simplicity makes it the ideal charter option.

Galeon 375GTO charter

A Roomy Interior To Enhance Your Cruising Experience

If you plan to stay on the yacht overnight, there is plenty of room below deck. The headroom is six feet which will suit most people and will stop you from feeling hemmed in. The yacht will sleep four people. There are twin beds in a cabin towards the back of the yacht.  At the front, there is a dinette area. In a matter of minutes, the table can be pushed down, producing a double bed. In both areas, there is plenty of storage room that doesn’t encroach on your space. There are both lockers and storage under the beds making the whole downstairs area feel roomy. If there are just four of you, the 375 GTO is the perfect yacht to charter for a longer trip.

The bathroom offers full standing room and has a shower, sink, and toilet. The shower is also at full standing height which gives additional comfort. Opposite the main sitting area, you will find the kitchen. It is supplied with a fridge, grill, and ice maker, which is all you need for a couple of days of cruising.

Below deck, you will also find a 32-inch pop-up television. This will enhance your cruising experience if you are away for a few days and just want to relax with a cold drink in the evening. If that isn’t enough, there is a fantastic surround sound system and mood lighting both in the cockpit and below deck.

Galeon 375GTO charter interior

Some 375 GTOs are fitted with additional features such as a kitchen that has a cooker and a sink. This is useful if you plan a longer cruise. If you love to fish, there are 375 GTO yachts fitted with a transom console and live wells with rod holders.

Length overall

11.50 m

Length of the hull

10.66 m

Beam overall

5,25 m

Beam of the hull

3.65 m

Draft max. (canoe body)

1,1 m

Mass of Light Craft Condition

9935 kg

Max. engine (-s) power

3 x 330/450 kW/HP

Crew limit


Fuel tank capacity

1500 l

Water tank capacity

200 l




The Future of Motor Boats

The Galeon 375 GTO motorboat will certainly challenge its competitors. Firstly, it is constructed with ultra-modern techniques. While the sides of the hull are foam-cored, the bottom sections are made from resin-infused, hand-laid fibreglass. This keeps the weight low in the keel and makes the boat both stable and powerful. The outboard engines aren’t overly noisy and don’t need much maintenance. They are powerful, giving speed while at the same time, emphasising cruising safety. The 375 GTO is both functional and elegant and is regarded highly by motorboat enthusiasts as an option for chartering.

Galeon 375GTO charter

Galeon - A Leading Motor Boat Company

Galeon is highly regarded in the industry making it an excellent option when you are looking for a motorboat to charter. It was established in 1982 so has many years of experience behind it. It is a Polish company employing around 1400 people and is one of the top European boat builders. Galeon continually works on new designs, challenging other yacht builders with their expertise. Every boat they produce is handcrafted and made using the latest technology. They are doing so well that they have expanded and now have a second factory on the Baltic Sea. If you charter a motorboat produced by Galeon, you will be assured of innovation, comfort, and a vessel that stands out from the rest.


Galeon Yachts

Galeon Sp.z.o.o. Sp.K. , Starogardzka 22, 83-010 Straszyn, Poland +48 58 692 69 00



Author: Irena Nieslony

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