Motor yachts

Powering through the sea, leaving a foamy wake behind as you set your sights on the next island is a dream holiday for good reason. Motorboats, or powerboats, offer a different kind of cruising experience and wider space and comfort below deck. Powerboating in Greece can be enjoyed leisurely or at speed and is an exciting experience. Motor boats give you the freedom, comfort and speed to move from one place to the other quickly, ideal for island hopping holidays.

Easy maneuverability due to engine power, excellent navigational equipment and speed are the main reasons for choosing powerboats, as well as personal taste. Escaping bad weather and reaching your destination in less time are other advantages. Fuel costs, however, can be quite high and needs to be factored in to the overall costs.

Yacht Rent offers a large selection of motorboats of different styles; small motorboats and RIBs for day trippers, medium sized motorboats and elegant motor yachts for those looking for comfort, space, and a little luxury.

Motor boats can be rented as a bareboat, skippered or fully crewed charter. Luxury crewed motor yachts are also available for rent. Bigger models are superb choice for extended vacations as they offer below deck comfort and luxury.

Rental price depends on the size of the boat, number of cabins and manufacturer, and can vary accordingly. Motor boats fall into the following categories: Open motorboats are those with no roof over the cockpit, the smaller ones do not usually have cabins while the larger boats of this type  have cabins in the bow;  Hard top motorboats have a covered cockpit and usually have cabins in the bow, although some may have cabins under the cockpit; Fly bridge motorboats are a type of hard top where there is another cockpit on the roof of the boat, where the view is better for maneuvering and offers more space for sunbathing. In addition to sailing catamarans, there are also power catamarans that are powered by engine only

Yacht Rent offers many different motorboats for rental in Greece, mostly in Athens and on the island of Corfu. The most popular brands in Greece are Bavaria, Monte Carlo and Nimbus.

When you rent a motor boat, it is important to take into consideration the cost of fuel. On the other hand, equipment carried on a motor yacht offer a different way to enjoy the sea. Skis, banana, jet-skis and other water toys are all available to rent with your motor boat.

Lovers of comfort and speed will enjoy the thrilling experience of  powerboating in Greece!

Sort by:
Berths: 4
3,400€ - 4,600€/ week
per person 850€ - 1,150€/ week
Cabins: 2 / WC: 1
Charter place: Lefkas, Corfu, Athena
Berths: 4
3,400€ - 4,600€/ week
per person 850€ - 1,150€/ week
Cabins: 2 / WC: 1
Charter place: Athena, Corfu, Lefkas
Berths: 4
3,900€ - 5,000€/ week
per person 975€ - 1,250€/ week
Cabins: 2 / WC: 1
Charter place: Corfu
Berths: 4
3,300€ - 4,200€/ week
per person 825€ - 1,050€/ week
Cabins: 1 / WC: 1
Charter place: Athena
Berths: 5+2
4,800€ - 6,800€/ week
per person 686€ - 971€/ week
Cabins: 2 / WC: 1
Charter place: Athena
Berths: 4+2
3,900€ - 6,200€/ week
per person 650€ - 1,033€/ week
Cabins: 2 / WC: 2
Charter place: Kos, Lefkas, Athena, Rhodos, Corfu, Skiathos
Berths: 6+2
5,900€ - 9,400€/ week
per person 738€ - 1,175€/ week
Cabins: 3 / WC: 3
Charter place: Kos, Lefkas, Athena, Rhodos, Corfu, Skiathos
Berths: 4+2
3,800€ - 6,000€/ week
per person 633€ - 1,000€/ week
Cabins: 2 / WC: 1
Charter place: Kos, Lefkas, Athena, Rhodos, Corfu, Skiathos
Berths: 4
per person 633€ - 1,000€/ week
Cabins: 2 / WC: 1
Charter place: Lavrion, Kos, Lefkas, Athena, Paros, Corfu, Skiathos


Andrzej Jarmakowicz
“Dream big, sail fast, enjoy the company of friends ...”
Sun Odyssey 44i
Charter place: Primošten
Igor Andrej Rant
“On the contrary, I was very satisfied with your booking process! You had been very kind and always answered all my questions. Also you provided a good price so that we did not need to negotiate a lot.”
Dufour 412 GL
Charter place: Biograd na moru
Torsti Pullola
“Hello from Gabriella II :)”
Sun Odyssey 43 DS
Charter place: Vodice

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