Floating gas station in Marina Veruda, Pula

Floating gas station in Marina Veruda, Pula

Good news for all sailors who choose to visit or rent a boat in Istria, is a fact that Marina Veruda in Pula has a new gas station. Marina Veruda now has a floating gas station type "Flash" and finaly solve the problem with fuel supply, to the satisfaction of customers of Marina Verude, boat owners, charter companies and all nautical tourist in Istria. Due to the fact that existing gas has been closed since March 2011, this solution with floating gas station solve a major problem of fuel supply in Marina Veruda. We believe that this news will delight all guests who decide to rent a boat from the marina Veruda in Pula.

Floating gas station type "Flash" is project of Croatian company "Crno Zlato" that meet all the ecological requirements of the European Parliament for the protection of the environment. Four floating gas stations are already in use on the Adriatic coast, and it is planned to set up a total of 10 such stations in marinas along of Croatian coast.The floating gas station are located in Marina Kastela, Marina Rogoznica, Marina Hramina and marina Veruda.

Source: Nautica Portal


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