If you like to feel some power beneath your feet, prefer getting to places fast and are keen to enjoy the destination rather than the journey, then perhaps motor boating is for you.

Pick your style

Motorboats, or powerboats, offer a different kind of cruising experience and wider space and comfort below deck. They vary greatly in size and configuration. Types of motorboats range from four-meter, open center console types to boats kitted out for sports fishing, to luxury mega-yachts capable of crossing an ocean.

Powerboating in Croatia and Greece can be enjoyed leisurely or at high speed and is an unrivalled experience. Discover a new harbour or marina every day! Easy maneuverability due to engine power, excellent navigational equipment and speed are the main reasons for choosing powerboats. The downside is the high consumption of petrol, which translates to a bigger cost.

With their cutting edge design, the luxury models are usually elegant masterpieces of nautical engineering offering space, comfort and opulence.

Pleasure seeking

Powerboating in Croatia and Greece is an epicurean experience and motor yachts are the ultimate pleasure craft. If you are fun-loving and in search of carefree summers, entertainment and enjoyment consider chartering a motor yacht.  Island-hopping in style, anchoring in the bay where the beach party is, cocktails on spacious decks, sports fishing, sunbathing and watersports. These are just some of the possibilities when on a motor yacht. They offer the speed, splendour and comfort for island hopping, coastal cruising or open passage. In Greece or Croatia, you can dock in the harbours of cosmopolitan cities, seek out the party places and discover fine wines and first-class dining. It’s just as easy to escape the crowds and find a quieter, far-away place all to yourselves. The bigger models have luxurious interiors, with fully equipped galleys, entertainment facilities, large sundecks and plenty of space for sports equipment.

motorboat large sundeck

No wind, No problem

Instead of waiting around for good wind, with a motor yacht you can set off whenever you like and enjoy smooth cruising on a windless sea. You can get out further to more remote areas, much quicker and back in time for dinner and drinks in the port. Escaping bad weather is also a major advantage of having a power boat. You can cut through swell and get back to shelter quickly.

Fun Factor

One of the advantages of powerboating is how much fun it is to power through the water at top speed; a natural high. Also, the toys! Water skiing, discing, skurfing, tubing, banana, jet skiing and more. When you charter a motorboat, you can also rent this equipment and get your adrenaline going with one of these sports. Imagine a fun-filled charter holiday in the Mediterranean with family and friends.

With a skipper or as a bareboat charter, motor yachts are sleek and sexy, fast and fun. Why not rent one this summer?



By Merryn Wainwright


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