The Romance of Sailing

The Romance of Sailing

Sailing is undeniably romantic for those of us with amorous inclinations. In essence, sailing holidays are the ultimate setting for that perfect romantic break, honeymoon, wedding or anniversary celebration. Utopian island sunsets, unspoiled beaches and simply getting lost in each other - a yacht provides the means for all this and more. Heading out to sea brings you close to Mother Nature in all her outstanding beauty and it won’t just be your sweetheart that takes your breath away!

A Unique Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day, the holiday dedicated to love, devotion and romance, is just around the corner and whimsical yearnings are at a high. If you are looking for a unique Valentine’s Day gift for your soulmate, why not try a romantic getaway by boat? Some boat charter companies offer Valentine’s Day specials, even if it’s winter; you can book an idyllic weekend getaway in the Mediterranean on a heated yacht. Alternatively book a one week charter for later in the year and surprise your valentine with it.

Popping the Question on a Boat

If it’s time to get serious, you might like to arrange a sailing trip to propose. As long as your true love is adventurous, there is nothing like the intimacy of a boat, the freedom of the sail and the thrill of romance in the great outdoors.  Golden moons dipping into the black ocean, or rising over indigo hills, flame-red sunsets over shimmering seas, secret beaches, remote anchorages and evenings on the water under an expanse of starlight; you’ll be spoiled for choice in romantic backdrops when it’s time get on bended knee.

Honeymoon Sailing

Getting married is the best, and most accepted, excuse to leave it all behind and splash out on a dream honeymoon.  If this involves sunshine, sea and romance, then chartering a yacht is an obvious choice. With plenty of honeymoon sailing destinations to choose from and nobody on board but you and your paramour, a romantic bareboat charter is the best way to sail anywhere you choose. If you prefer to simply relax and enjoy some loved-up sailing without all the work,  try a romantic skippered charter. Whether it’s a luxurious super yacht, an elegant sailboat or a spacious catamaran, for travelers with a romantic streak, it’s hard to top sailing off into the sunset.

Get Married on a Yacht

If eloping is more your thing, what better way than to hop on a boat and sail away. You can even tie the knot during your charter, either on a majestic island or on the yacht itself.  A wedding and honeymoon in one, without the crowds and planning!

In the Same Boat

After all, marriage is rather like sailing: sometimes it’s plain sailing, beautiful and peaceful; other times it can get stormy, uncomfortable and test you to your limits. Strong winds cannot always be predicted or controlled, but you can adjust the sails or try a different tack. You should always be well-anchored, and it’s not a good idea to rock the boat. Your sailing boat, like marriage, can be a place of safety in the presence of danger; yet, there will be long days on endless seas with no wind in the sails. Ultimately though, it’s a grand adventure leading to new discoveries about yourselves and the world, as you set off into the expansive, unknown blue!


By Merryn Wainwright

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