This season Yacht-Rent is in trend!

This season Yacht-Rent is in trend!

For all of you who decided to book a boat in Croatia this year we also have a bonus free option that contributes to team building and all around good vibration!

We offer a free set of cool Yacht-Rent t-shirts for the whole crew!!!

The only condition to this offer is that you have to send at least two (‘the more, the better’) photos of crew members wearing the t-shirts on board, which we can publish on our pages. In addition to the photos we would ask you for a few sentences (once again, ‘the more, the better’) describing the joy of your sailing vacation. Not a very difficult task, is it? The photos don’t need to include all the members of the crew… after all someone needs to hold the camera :)

To make matters more interesting you can apply the taken photos to our Facebook contest for the best sailing themed photo, with the chance of winning a voucher in the value of 500 €! 

Last year’s winner was Mrs. Tiziana Carnevali who grasped victory with just 80 votes. This year we’re expecting a tight competition to the very end. Join in! :)

Regarding any details you can contact us directly via


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