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One Way Charter CroatiaAdvantages

There are many advantages for One Way Yacht Charter in Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Italy or in any other cruising destination we offer our yachts from. One way charter offers make it possible to take the boat in charter from one place on the coast and return it to another marina, in another city. The advantage of a one way charter is better planning of the route, since you do not need to go back to the main marina where you pick up a boat. So, you can see and explore a lot more of the coast, cities and islands, for the duration of the yacht charter. One-way charter is suitable for cruising guests who come to the yacht charter destination (either to Croatia , Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Malta, Turkey, Caribbean ...) by plane or ferry because they can choose different ports of arrival and departure. If you arrive by car, you should leave the car in the main marina, but the yacht will end up in another marina.

In that case you will need a land transfer to the home port. We can also provide a land transfer service, optional rent-a-car, bus lines, etc.

One-way routes for yacht charter Croatia
One way routes are generally recommended and available for cruisings on the following routes: Dubrovnik - Split one way, or Split-Dubrovnik one way. It is possible to start in Marina Kastela or Trogir for a one way trip to Dubrovnik.

Furthermore, possible one way charter routes are Dubrovnik – Biograd one way, Split - Biograd one way, Biograd - Pula one way, Pula - Rovinj one way charter or vice versa. Many of these one way routes are possible in a  standard charter of 7 days, while for the long distance routes, you will need two or more weeks of charter.

Prices for one way charter
One way charters will be offered upon guest's request. Usually for a one way charter there is an extra charge of about 300 EUR for sailboats, a little more for motor boats (depending on fuel consumption) and about 1.000 EUR for gullets. The price of the one way service includes a skipper, who will return the boat to the main marina, and fuel for boat transfer. The price of one way charters often does not include a berth at the check-out marina. Not all boats are available for one way charter. Only certain charter companies, with several bases in the Adriatic, provide this service.

At your explicit request, we can offer a variety of boats for a one way charter, but in that case, the charter is shorter by one day, so that the boat can be returned to the home base in time for the next charter.

Special offers for one way charter
Special offers for one way charters apply to those cruising vessels or yachts that must be in another charter base within a certain period. Then the cost of the charter price is much less, one way service is free of charge, but one way route is obligatory to the charterer. You can save up to 20% of the charter price in special one way offers.

One way cabin charter
For cabin charters we offer some cruises with a predetermined one way route. Usually the one way service is already included in the cruise price and there is no extra charge for this. The most popular option is a 7-day cruise trip in Croatia from Split to Dubrovnik starting either on Saturday or on Wednesday. Mini cruises lasting just 3 days can rarely go one way.

Extra Discount   Extra Discount

2022-06-04 - 2022-06-11
Berths: 8+2
3,000€ 1,200€/ week
per person 120€/ week
Cabins: 4 / WC: 3
Charter place: Lavrion
Lagoon 39 2016
2022-06-04 - 2022-07-09
Berths: 8+4
1,940€ 1,649€/ week
per person 137€/ week
Cabins: 6 / WC: 4
Charter place: Cuba
Sea memo
2022-06-04 - 2022-06-11
Berths: 8+2
2,450€ 1,470€/ week
per person 147€/ week
Cabins: 4 / WC: 2
Charter place: Athens
“The marina in Punat is nice too, very clean - everyone was friendly and helpful. On the negative side: there are not enough parking spaces for the number of boats/people ...”
Christopher Smith
Bavaria Cruiser 33
Charter place: KRK
“We had a wonderfull time. Boat as well as the whole service was excelent. ...”
Barbara Zielinska
Dufour 335
Charter place: Rogoznica
“we found a way, and now we are sailing happy :) ...”
Oceanis 43
Charter place: CORFU
“I had a wonderful 3 weeks on the boat. Croatia is beautiful as ever and the weather perfect.”
Darcel L.
Lagoon 46
Charter place: Trogir
“An awesome sailing with an excellent cruising boat. We will be back and for more weeks next time!”
Torsti Pullola
Eminence 40
Charter place: Sukošan
“We came back from our 2 weeks of sailing and want to say that everything was working fine with the boat and Ultra ... All in all very happy about everything, so for sure we will be back again :-)”
Frands Ellersgaard
Oceanis 35.1
Charter place: Split