7 Days Boat Charter

Boat rentals in CroatiaRegular charter period in Yacht Charter destinations (Croatia, Greece, Italy, Malta, France, Spain, Turkey, Caribbean ...) is usually 7 days, from Saturday to Saturday. Check-in is on Saturday afternoons and rental returns on a Saturday morning. The time that remains after the handover on Saturday, is to check and clean the boats, as well as to prepare boats for the new hire. If repairs are needed on the yacht or replacement of any inventory items, that is carried out in the period between check-out and the check-in for new cruising guests. In that short time from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon, employees of all charter companies give their best to prepare boats for the new charter.

Apart from the rental of 7 days, you can Rent a boat for a long period of 14, 21 or more days, but charters usually begin and end on Saturdays. Of course, we can offer shorter charter periods, leases of 10 days or a weekend charter, but it must be arranged directly with the agent. Such a shorter charter period is possible mainly in the low season, and depends on the availability of charter boats.

There are slight differences in charter terms between destinations where you can charter a yacht (Croatia, Greece, Caribbean , Italy, Malta, France, Spain, Turkey ...)  and the embarkation/disembarkation day for your cruise is usually a Saturday, but it is not always a strict condition. So in direct contact with our agents, we can very probably arrange your charter starting on e.g. a Wednesday, if you like, and it can last a week or 10 days or more.  We can arrange charter periods lasting less than a week as well. In this scenario the most complicated is the weekend charter. A weekend yacht charter usually means coming on board on Friday afternoon and leaving the boat on Sunday afternoon. But in the check-in/check-out on Saturday schedule, the boats ready for the weekend charter must be available the week before that Saturday and the week after. These conditions are quite difficult to meet especially in high season when it's in the best interest of every yacht charter owner to book the whole week. Very difficult, but not impossible :-) Exceptions can always be made where possible, such as when a charter is cancelled due to one of many potential reasons, making the boat available for a shorter weekend charter.

For cabin charter on a cruise with a predetermined route, the most common option is a 7-day cruise trip from Saturday to Saturday. But another type of 7-day cruising trip is available from Wednesday to Wednesday, as well as some mini cruises lasting 3 days starting from Saturday or from Wednesday.


Just contact us and we will help you to arrange your cruising vacation no matter what preferences you may have!

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Bavaria 32 2004
2022-07-16 - 2022-07-23
Berths: 4+2
1,780€ 1,246€/ week
per person 208€/ week
Cabins: 2 / WC: 1
Charter place: CORFU
2022-07-16 - 2022-07-23
Berths: 10+1
4,250€ 2,595€/ week
per person 236€/ week
Cabins: 6 / WC: 4
Charter place: Lavrion
2022-07-16 - 2022-07-23
Berths: 8+2
4,850€ 2,765€/ week
per person 276€/ week
Cabins: 4 / WC: 3
Charter place: Kos
“Really amazing week spent in early May 2022 near the Murter-Pasman-Korniati-Kakan-Zlarin area (Croatia).”
Peter Nagy
Sun Odyssey 30i
Charter place: MURTER
“Just on my last night on the boat and I have had a fantastic time. I have loved the boat and Croatia has been amazing...”
Rob Holmes
Fountaine Pajot Elba 45
Charter place: Trogir
“The marina in Punat is nice too, very clean - everyone was friendly and helpful. On the negative side: there are not enough parking spaces for the number of boats/people ...”
Christopher Smith
Bavaria Cruiser 33
Charter place: KRK
“We had a wonderfull time. Boat as well as the whole service was excelent. ...”
Barbara Zielinska
Dufour 335
Charter place: Rogoznica
“we found a way, and now we are sailing happy :) ...”
Oceanis 43
Charter place: CORFU
“I had a wonderful 3 weeks on the boat. Croatia is beautiful as ever and the weather perfect.”
Darcel L.
Lagoon 46
Charter place: Trogir