Saxdor 270 GTO - Day Cruiser Boat For The Discerning Customer

Saxdor 270 GTO - Day Cruiser Boat For The Discerning Customer

Perhaps you are thinking of owning or renting a boat to discover hidden destinations along the coast. Maybe you want to take a cruise with friends to chat, have a drink, and enjoy the sea air. With this in mind, the Saxdor 270 GTO is an excellent choice if you want to enjoy a compact boat for the day or the weekend.

Saxdor, based in Helsinki, Finland, and with a shipyard in Elk, Poland, constructs boats of the highest quality, with cutting-edge design, fuel efficiency, and a signature hull that performs well even in choppy waters. The Saxdor 270 GTO is one of their top models and should be considered for your boat cruise. You will be pleasantly surprised by the speed and comfort it provides. The charter companies who want to include this model in their rental fleet should be aware that there are lower levels of warranty provided by the boatbuilder for this purpose.

The Saxdor 270 GTO has a powerful outboard engine that is quiet, allowing you to chat easily with your friends. Depending on the boat, the engine ranges between 225 to 300 hp and the most powerful engine will give you a top speed of 45 knots. Of course, you don’t need to travel at this speed as you might want to have a gentle cruise, taking in the sights along the coast. Why not drop anchor so that everybody can enjoy the experience together? Have a cool drink and chat together before turning the engine back on so that you can cruise further along the coast.

Saxdor 270 GTO charter

Cruising For Six

The boat may only measure 8.45 metres but there is easily enough room for six people to enjoy a day’s cruising, although if you want to spend the night, it is suitable for just two people. There is one cabin at the front of the boat which sleeps two. You have the option of having a toilet, sink, and shower fitted or you can use the facilities at the nearest marina. The cabin is lit naturally by a skylight and hatches, making the cabin seem bigger than it is. You can be assured of a good night’s sleep, making you ready for another day of cruising on your boat.

The Saxdor 270 GTO is a great option if you want to entertain a few friends. Perhaps celebrate your birthday or an anniversary onboard. The boat has a full-size wet bar with a freshwater system holding 80 litres of water. This is the only boat of its size on the market that has a full-sized wet bar, making it a good choice if you want to enjoy a leisurely day trip on the boat. Bring along a cool box with your favourite drinks and enjoy a day cruising around the coast or go a little further out to sea. The choice is yours. The Saxdor 270 GTO has a fuel capacity of 300 litres so you will be able to cruise for a long time without worrying about refuelling.

 There is a glass fence mounted in front of the engine for safety. This is reassuring as you don’t want anyone falling overboard. The Saxdor brand has excellent safety credentials. Their boats have been certified by the IMCI and ABYC so you can be assured that their boats have been built to the highest safety standards. You want nothing more, either for your personal use or for rental with a yacht charter company.

If you enjoy relaxing in the sun, there are two sunbeds in the front of the boat and two in the back. The sunbeds at the back of the boat can be folded together to make a dining area. There aren’t cooking facilities on this boat but bring along some cold snacks or stop off along the way to get a takeaway. Enjoy your meal while watching the sunset and sipping a cool drink.

Saxdor 270 GTO charter

Superior Design

Saxdor prides itself on its design process, producing a boat you would want to have for a day out. They have designers, naval architects, production planners, and product developers who work together to produce the perfect boat. 

The Saxdor 270 GTO has a twin-stepped hull, making it easy to conquer the waves even if they are choppy. 


8.45 m


2.60 m


0.92 m



Max engine power

300 HP

Max. speed

45 kn

Design category




Fuel tank

300 l

Water tank

80 l


Saxdor - A Brand To Be Reckoned With

The Saxdor 270 GTO is an excellent choice. The brand of Saxdor has won many prestigious awards including the Best of Boat Award 2020, the European Powerboat of the Year 2021, and the Motorboat Award 2022. They are well known worldwide with over 40 markets on five continents. They have 300 experienced staff who have been trained to the highest level. The design and production teams work in close contact to produce boats that are both light and at the same time, capable of standing up to all weather conditions. If you choose the Saxdor 270 GTO, you will be assured of a stable boat and a smooth ride. It is the ultimate choice for the discerning boat lover.

Saxdor 270 GTO charter


Saxdor Yachts

Saxdor Yachts Oy
Veneentekijäntie 14 A, 00210 Helsinki, Finland



Author: Irena Nieslony

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