Yacht Charter Crete

CRETE is the largest and, some say, the most beautiful of the Greek islands the southern-most outpost of Europe. Few sailors, or yacht charters, venture further south. High mountains, spliced by spectacular gorges; strange plateaus, sheer coastlines, caves, and white sand beaches characterise this popular destination.

It was the birthplace of the Ancient Minoan civilisation, one of the earliest civilisations in Europe, and later subject to various occupations and wars over the centuries. Crete offers an abundance of both natural and cultural attractions for its many visitors.  

Crete’s northern coast has been well-developed for the package tourist and is crowded in the summer months. Day sailing along this coast between harbours is the best option. Boat charters will find harbours and organized marinas, but few natural anchorages. The southern coast, once a backpacker’s haven, is being developed rapidly and many of its best beaches are accessible only by boat. The Western coast remains wild and rugged.

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Sailing around Crete is recommended for experienced sailors and crew. Less experienced sailors should stick to the central north coast. The best sailing season is May/June and September/October when the weather is calm.

July and August does not provide the best conditions for boats as the ‘meltemi’ winds blow most days and are north-easterly on the western end and north-westerly on the eastern end. Force 5-6 is standard, though it can get up to Force 7 or 8. The effect of this wind on the straits at each end of Crete can result in big seas, with 3-4m waves at this time of year; the wind strength is often 1 to 2 Beaufort higher than the forecast.

The southern coast is notoriously dangerous during summer winds, since the high mountains give rise to strong katabatic squalls.

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sailboat Elan 514 Impression CRETE Greece Elan 514 Impression 2009
Berths: 8+4
3,430€ - 6,440€/ week
per person 286€ - 537€/ week
Cabins: 5 / WC: 5
Charter place: CRETE

What is the number of yachts/boats for charter in Crete in 2023?

There are 1 yachts/boats for charter in Crete in 2023 in our offer.

Updated: 2023-09-01

Cabins: 5-6 0.51Number of yachts/boats#'; 1

What is the average charter price of a yacht/boat in Crete in 2023?

The average charter price of a yacht/boat in Crete in 2023 is 4,277€ per week based on 1 yachts/boats from our offer. The highest (average!)price is in the week from 2023-08-12 (6,440€), and the lowest is in the week from 2023-12-23 (3,430€). The charter price in the lowest season drops up to 47% compared to the price in the highest season.

Updated: 2023-09-01

Average charter prices of a yacht/boat in Crete

1 Boats

1234567891011122023 Cabins: 5-6 15003000450060007500Price€/week'; 3,430€2023-01-073,430€2023-01-143,430€2023-01-213,430€2023-01-283,430€2023-02-043,430€2023-02-113,430€2023-02-183,430€2023-02-253,430€2023-03-043,430€2023-03-113,430€2023-03-183,430€2023-03-253,430€2023-04-013,430€2023-04-083,430€2023-04-153,990€2023-04-223,990€2023-04-293,990€2023-05-063,990€2023-05-134,830€2023-05-204,830€2023-05-274,830€2023-06-034,830€2023-06-105,670€2023-06-175,670€2023-06-245,670€2023-07-015,670€2023-07-085,670€2023-07-155,670€2023-07-226,440€2023-07-296,440€2023-08-056,440€2023-08-125,670€2023-08-195,670€2023-08-265,670€2023-09-025,670€2023-09-094,830€2023-09-164,830€2023-09-233,990€2023-09-303,990€2023-10-073,430€2023-10-143,430€2023-10-213,430€2023-10-283,430€2023-11-043,430€2023-11-113,430€2023-11-183,430€2023-11-253,430€2023-12-023,430€2023-12-093,430€2023-12-163,430€2023-12-23

How much does a yacht/boat rental cost per person in Crete in 2023?

The average price of a yacht/boat rental per person in Crete in 2023 is 356€ per week. The price per person is calculated on the basis of 1 yachts/boats from our offer, in such a way that the average price of the yacht/boat rental is divided by the maximum number of persons allowed onboard. The highest (average!)price per person is in the week from 2023-08-12 (537€), and the lowest is in the week from 2023-12-23 (286€). The difference in the rental price from the highest season to the lowest is up to 47%.

Updated: 2023-09-01

Average yacht/boat rental prices per person in Crete

1 Boats

1234567891011122023 Cabins: 5-6 150300450600Price per person€/week'; 286€2023-01-07286€2023-01-14286€2023-01-21286€2023-01-28286€2023-02-04286€2023-02-11286€2023-02-18286€2023-02-25286€2023-03-04286€2023-03-11286€2023-03-18286€2023-03-25286€2023-04-01286€2023-04-08286€2023-04-15333€2023-04-22333€2023-04-29333€2023-05-06333€2023-05-13403€2023-05-20403€2023-05-27403€2023-06-03403€2023-06-10473€2023-06-17473€2023-06-24473€2023-07-01473€2023-07-08473€2023-07-15473€2023-07-22537€2023-07-29537€2023-08-05537€2023-08-12473€2023-08-19473€2023-08-26473€2023-09-02473€2023-09-09403€2023-09-16403€2023-09-23333€2023-09-30333€2023-10-07286€2023-10-14286€2023-10-21286€2023-10-28286€2023-11-04286€2023-11-11286€2023-11-18286€2023-11-25286€2023-12-02286€2023-12-09286€2023-12-16286€2023-12-23

What is the average booking rate of a yacht/boat for rent in Crete in 2023?

The average booking rate (or occupancy - percentage ratio between the number of booked and the number of all yachts/boats) for renting a yacht/boat in Crete in 2023 is 13.73% weeks per year (7 weeks) based on 1 yachts/boats from our offer for which our booking lists have been updated within the last 7 days. The highest booking rate is in the week from 2023-09-23 (100%), and the lowest is in the week from 2023-12-23 (0%). Minor inconsistencies in the graphs can occur at the ends of the seasons during boats maintenance, because some boat owners mark those periods as reserved by guests, thus increasing the booking rate.

Updated: 2023-09-01

Average rental booking rate of a yacht/boat in Crete

1 Boats

1234567891011122023 Cabins: 5-6 50100Booking rate%'; 0%2023-01-070%2023-01-140%2023-01-210%2023-01-280%2023-02-040%2023-02-110%2023-02-180%2023-02-250%2023-03-040%2023-03-110%2023-03-180%2023-03-250%2023-04-010%2023-04-080%2023-04-150%2023-04-220%2023-04-290%2023-05-06100%2023-05-130%2023-05-200%2023-05-270%2023-06-030%2023-06-100%2023-06-170%2023-06-240%2023-07-010%2023-07-080%2023-07-15100%2023-07-22100%2023-07-29100%2023-08-05100%2023-08-120%2023-08-190%2023-08-260%2023-09-02100%2023-09-090%2023-09-16100%2023-09-230%2023-09-300%2023-10-070%2023-10-140%2023-10-210%2023-10-280%2023-11-040%2023-11-110%2023-11-180%2023-11-250%2023-12-020%2023-12-090%2023-12-160%2023-12-23

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