The King Fisher 6.50 Weekend - A High-Quality Pleasure Motorboat

The King Fisher 6.50 Weekend - A High-Quality Pleasure Motorboat

If you are interested in chartering a motorboat for a day trip or perhaps an overnight stay, you won’t go far wrong with the King Fisher 6.50 Weekend motorboat manufactured in Greece. It has been built to the highest standards using modern technology and an up-to-date design. If you would like to charter this boat for a fishing trip, the King Fisher 6.50 Weekend can be fitted with a livewell system so that you can keep your fish and bait alive. This tank works by pumping water from the surrounding water into the tank and keeps the water aerated. It is the perfect addition for the keen angler.

The King Fisher 6.50 Weekend is manufactured by Poseidon Boats, based in Athens, Greece. They started producing motorboats in 1980 so have many years of boat-building experience behind them. Their motorboats have been built to stand up to the most adverse weather conditions and have been manufactured according to the strictest safety standards.

Poseidon King Fisher 650 charter

A Big Offering In A Small Package

This motorboat begs to deceive. It may be just 6.5 meters in length but there is seating for eight passengers and berths to sleep four. It is the only boat of its size to have a separate toilet and shower, which makes it the perfect choice if you want to charter a boat for a weekend away. There is even a propane gas cooker on board if you don’t fancy mooring close to a restaurant or bar. You can also charter the King Fisher 6.50 Weekend with an electric fridge which will make eating on board all that much easier. If you are an angler, you can even cook the fish you have caught and keep leftovers in the fridge.

For a boat this size, the outboard engine is powerful and boasts a horsepower of 250. Renting this boat will give you an exciting and exhilarating ride. However, if you want to fish, the boat is stable when stationary.

Poseidon King Fisher 650 charter

Safety Ensured

The construction of the Greek  King Fisher 6.50 Weekend is strong and durable, which will give you peace of mind when you charter this boat for a cruise. Poseidon only employs experienced boat builders and follows the strictest standards. The King Fisher 6.50 Weekend is made of fibreglass. This is stronger and heavier than the aluminium many boats are made from. Fiberglass boats have better seakeeping abilities and more stability than aluminium boats. If you are an angler, you will find that, because of the heavier weight, it won’t get easily buffeted by the wind and will drift slowly when the engine is switched off. This is perfect for fishing. The hull is laminated with a stringer system which gives extra protection, and the joint between the hull and deck is sealed with a powerful adhesive and attached with fasteners, making the motorboat watertight. You don’t have to worry about the windscreen cracking as it is made from durable and secure crystal, not plexiglass. There is a windscreen wiper for clear visibility.

Poseidon King Fisher 650 charter

A Comfortable Cabin and Cockpit

There is plenty of room in the cabin, including a dining table, so you can eat in comfort. The seats have a full set of cushions, making the cabin seem cosy and snug. There is a cabin light and some of these motorboats are fitted with optional 3-spot LED lights in the cockpit for comfortable night sailing. Other King Fisher 6.50 Weekend motorboats are fitted with a radio and MP3 system for your enjoyment while cruising.  Both the pilot and co-pilot have seats and there are side windscreen windows that can be opened for fresh air on a hot day. For those who want to swim, there is a telescopic swim ladder. Customers chartering this boat have been surprised by the comfort and style delivered and the equipment provided.


6.50 m


2,45 m


0,4 m


1250 kg

Max engine power

250 HP

Recommended engine power

150 HP

Design category





2 + 2

Fuel tank

150 lt

Poseidon King Fisher 650 charter

Poseidon King Fisher 650 charter


Poseidon Pleasure Boats

Poseidon has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing motorboats. They are continually expanding their knowledge of boatbuilding by consulting with other shipyards. By renting one of their boats, you can be assured of the latest specifications.

Poseidon King Fisher 650 charter


The facilities in which the boats are built are important as they ensure the reliability and durability of the boats. Poseidon has 5500 square metres of space so has the capability of producing a large number of boats. However, quality is not compromised. They have a building complex specially built to fibreglass shipbuilding specifications. In this building, air heaters control the temperature and humidity. They need to be kept constant for boat building. All the parts of the boat are tested, and they are all CE certified, meaning that they meet EU safety standards, as well as health and environmental protection requirements. They are also ISO certified which ensures quality, efficiency, and consistency. You can be assured that you are chartering a motorboat built to the highest standards.

Poseidon Boats




Author: Irena Nieslony

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