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The small village of Marina lies in an inlet situated 14km away from Trogir and Rogoznica, on the Croatian Dalmatian coast. Well located in the central part of Dalmatia, the marina here, Agana Marina is a starting point for exploring the lively Brac, Hvar and Vis islands and islets. With access to over 1,000 islands scattered along the Dalmatian Coast, it is an ideal area for cruising, great for a first taste of sailing and varied enough for the more experienced to keep coming back.

Marina has a lovely sandy beach shaded by olive and pine trees and an intriguing blend of ancient and modern structures, particularly a well-preserved tower from the 15th century. Yachting, diving and fishing are popular activities and the locals are still involved in the fishing industry.

Marina is very close to the Adriatic coastal road and highway that runs between Split and Zagreb. Split International Airport is just 10 km away. There are bus and train stations, as well as ferry ports in Split.

Sailing is easy and navigation simple as, similar to the rest of the Adriatic, winds are friendly with Force 2-5 being the norm. Sometimes the Bora or Sirocco can be a little stronger. Detailed weather forecasts are available at most marinas. The whole area offers a first-rate sailing experience.

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What is the number of yachts/boats for charter in Trogir in 2023?

There are 1 yachts/boats for charter in Trogir in 2023 in our offer.

Cabins: 4 0.51Number of yachts/boats# '; 1

What is the average charter price of a yacht/boat in Trogir in 2023?

The average charter price of a yacht/boat in Trogir in 2023 is 14,051€ per week based on 1 yachts/boats from our offer. The highest price is in the week from 2023-08-19 (22,800€), and the lowest is in the week from 2023-12-23 (9,605€). The charter price in the lowest season drops up to 58% compared to the price in the highest season.

Average charter prices of a yacht/boat in Trogir

1 Boats

1234567891011122023 Cabins: 4 500010000150002000025000Price€/week '; 11,300€2023-01-0711,300€2023-01-1411,300€2023-01-2111,300€2023-01-2811,300€2023-02-0411,300€2023-02-1111,300€2023-02-1811,300€2023-02-2511,300€2023-03-0411,300€2023-03-1111,300€2023-03-1811,300€2023-03-2511,300€2023-04-0111,300€2023-04-0811,300€2023-04-1511,300€2023-04-2211,300€2023-04-2911,300€2023-05-0613,855€2023-05-1316,300€2023-05-2018,300€2023-05-2718,300€2023-06-0317,949€2023-06-1019,300€2023-06-1719,300€2023-06-2422,800€2023-07-0122,800€2023-07-0822,800€2023-07-1522,800€2023-07-2222,800€2023-07-2922,800€2023-08-0522,800€2023-08-1222,800€2023-08-1919,300€2023-08-2619,300€2023-09-0216,300€2023-09-0913,855€2023-09-1613,855€2023-09-239,605€2023-09-309,605€2023-10-079,605€2023-10-149,605€2023-10-219,605€2023-10-289,605€2023-11-049,605€2023-11-119,605€2023-11-189,605€2023-11-259,605€2023-12-029,605€2023-12-099,605€2023-12-169,605€2023-12-23

How much does a yacht/boat rental cost per person in Trogir in 2023?

The average price of a yacht/boat rental per person in Trogir in 2023 is 1,756€ per week. The price per person is calculated on the basis of 1 yachts/boats from our offer, in such a way that the average price of the yacht/boat rental is divided by the maximum number of persons allowed onboard. The highest price per person is in the week from 2023-08-19 (2,850€), and the lowest is in the week from 2023-12-23 (1,201€). The difference in the rental price from the highest season to the lowest is up to 58%.

Average yacht/boat rental prices per person in Trogir

1 Boats

1234567891011122023 Cabins: 4 50010001500200025003000Price per person€/week '; 1,413€2023-01-071,413€2023-01-141,413€2023-01-211,413€2023-01-281,413€2023-02-041,413€2023-02-111,413€2023-02-181,413€2023-02-251,413€2023-03-041,413€2023-03-111,413€2023-03-181,413€2023-03-251,413€2023-04-011,413€2023-04-081,413€2023-04-151,413€2023-04-221,413€2023-04-291,413€2023-05-061,732€2023-05-132,038€2023-05-202,288€2023-05-272,288€2023-06-032,244€2023-06-102,413€2023-06-172,413€2023-06-242,850€2023-07-012,850€2023-07-082,850€2023-07-152,850€2023-07-222,850€2023-07-292,850€2023-08-052,850€2023-08-122,850€2023-08-192,413€2023-08-262,413€2023-09-022,038€2023-09-091,732€2023-09-161,732€2023-09-231,201€2023-09-301,201€2023-10-071,201€2023-10-141,201€2023-10-211,201€2023-10-281,201€2023-11-041,201€2023-11-111,201€2023-11-181,201€2023-11-251,201€2023-12-021,201€2023-12-091,201€2023-12-161,201€2023-12-23

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