1.) CHARTER-PRICE: Price of charter includes charter and use of vessel. Fuel used will be paid by charterer.
The vessel will be given to charterer with full fuel and water tanks and in good order. Technical in working order and clean. The charterer will return the vessel in the same condition.

2.) CONDITIONS OF PAYMENT: The charterer will pay 30 % of value of charter within 15 days of confirmation of reservation, 70 % of total value not later than 4 weeks of start of charter. Payments can be made in cash or bank transfer. The difference up the total value must be paid 1 week before embarkation.

3.) DEPOSIT: At the time of embarkation the charterer will leave a deposit of 1.200 EUR, 1.500 EUR or 1800 EUR depending on the type of a vessel. The deposit can be made in cash, travelers checks or credit card. The deposit will be returned at the return of vessel if the return is in the port, time and condition which was agreed beforehand.
The deposit will be paid even in the case that a skipper is provided.

4.) INSURANCE: The vessel is insured full KASKO with franchise insurance of EUR 1,5 % of total amount. Damage covered by insurance not reported on time will be paid be the charterer. Personnel effects of the charterer and crew are insured. The charterer is personally responsible for all damage not reported on time or incorrectly reported or not included on KASKO insurance.

5.) DELIVERY OF VESSEL: The vessel owner will deliver the vessel in good order, technically correct and clean, in the place and time as agreed. In case the owner is not able to deliver the vessel for any reason the charterer has the right to compensation for the days not used. In case the owner is not able to deliver the vessel or vessel with similar characteristics within 24 hours the charterer has the right to annul the contract and demand return of monies for the amount of days nor used. No compensation will be agreed to. At the time of delivery of vessel the charterer should check the good order, technical correctness and cleanness of the vessel. Also to control the inventory of the vessel and the check list. Discrepancies should be reported before embarkation. Discrepancies not reported on time will not be a basis for compensation. The charterer takes on the obligation to return the vessel in the place and time agreed. In case of late return of less than 3 hours the charterer has to pay the value of one day rental, in case it is over 3 hours the charterer has to pay the value of 3 days rental and all other costs that may arise. In case of natural disasters (act of God), the charterer does not have to pay penalties but has to inform the vessel owner of the situation.

6.) RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CHARTERER: The charterer, in case of not abiding to the conditions and terms of this contract, is responsible and will pay all costs encored by the owner as the result of material or criminal responsibility to third parties. Charterer is especial responsible in the case confiscation of vessel by state authorities as the result of criminal activities. In case of accidents and damages the charterer is obliged to make a written statement and get documents from the harbormaster, doctor or other authorities in connection with the said accident or damage and immediately inform the owner. It is the responsibility of the charterer to inform appropriate authorities is case of theft, impossibility of controlling the vessel, confiscation or banning of sailing by state authorities or others. The charterer is obliged to reimburse the owner for damage or loss of any part of vessels inventory or damage to the vessel or equipment and the reimbursement will be taken out of the deposit. The charterer is obliged to control every day the Laval of motor oil, as damage cosec by lack of oil is covered by insurance and repairs of the damage will be the responsibility of the charterer. Damage to the hull and keel as well as cost of survey will be the responsibility of the charterer.

7.) RESTRICTIONS ON THE CHARTERER: The charterer voyage only in the territory waters of Croatia, otherwise he has to get agreement of the owner. The charter agrees not to subcharter the vessel to anybody else, not OT take part in any regattas, does not use the vessel in any commercial use or professional fishing. To navigate during the nighttime only in good meteorological conditions. To observe all lows and customs regulations, the charterer is obliged to keep the vessels log, take care of the vessel, equipment and inventory in a responsible manner. The charterer confirms that he is in the possession of a certificate of competence or that a member of the crow has.

8.) RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITY OF THE OWNER: The owner can cancel the charter contract in writing, and reimburse the charterer at least 15 days before the start of the charter.

9.) CANCELLATIONS: In case the charterer is not able to commence with the charter of vessel for any reason the charterer has the right to find a substitute under the same conditions and with a written agreement from the owner. In case a substitute is not found the owner has the right to keep 30 % of amount of charter if the cancellation was made 2 months in advance, 50 % if it was made 1 month in advance and the whole amount if it was less than 30 days.

10.) COMPENSATIONS: Any compensation can be considered only if reported in writing at the time of return of vessel and signed by charterer and representative of the owner.

11.) DISPUTES: All disputes arising from this contract not being able to be solved in an amicable manner will be resolved in court under the jurisdiction of the relevant court in Zagreb, Croatia.

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