Okrug’s joie de vivre in the way of the sea wolves – enthralling easiness of sailing!

Okrug’s joie de vivre in the way of the sea wolves – enthralling easiness of sailing!

The island of Čiovo is located only about 2nm south of two large marinas in Seget Donji and Trogir. When planning their cruise itinerary, boaters tend to unfairly skip the island, likely due to the rush to get further and further in one’s journey. Despite this, there is no reason for a journey not to start or end in Čiovo. The coast is indented in the island municipality of Okrug and provides more than enough shelter for safe anchorages, so guests of nearby marinas will often choose one of the coves on the island of Čiovo as their final destination before returning.


WILD (AND TAMER!) ANCHOR BAYS. If you like to spend your holidays in the open sea and away from the hustle and bustle, you might be surprised by the destination with a specific Mediterranean charm - Okrug. Many may know Okrug as a family holiday destination with an attractive package of sun and sea, this is not all the municipality offers, the time has now come to open the sails and sail Okrug!

There are many attractive restaurants and taverns in the coves of Duga and Duboka, and as such, your nautical experiences, when visiting these coves, will be inseparably linked to those of your palate. You can find peace - a bit like a Robinson holiday - in hidden, secluded bays, such as Široka, Pirčin and Racetinovac.

The cove Duga, Okrug, Čiovo

The cove Duga, beach

ROADS OF GASTRONOMIC SENSATION. The cozy isolated bay of Duga is a real gift for those connoisseurs among visiting boaters. The nearby islet of Sv. Fumia, which conceals the remains of a late-antique church of the same name, makes this living postcard, with a turquoise, crystal-clear sea, even more picturesque. But scenes for the soul are not the only motive for anchoring in this cove. Quite often the incentive is the wonderful scent that comes from the great tavern Duga. The otherwise restrained TripAdvisor states that their roasted squids, known among foreign visitors as crispy calamari, are the most delicious on the whole coast, and an Irish guest was so delighted with this tavern that she organized to hold her own wedding reception there! Pleasant decoration in harmony with a beautiful seafront landscape, freshly prepared seafood (grilled front of house) and red and white local wines that complement the food and each other perfectly, are great motivations for anchoring in this bay, to which many nautical guests return year after year.

Tavern Labadusa

APEROL SPRITZ AND FRIGADURA. The appeal of the neighboring bay of Duboka does not lag far behind. In addition to its seclusion and crystal-clear sea, it boasts one of the best campsites in the area and a beautiful pebble beach with just a few rocks. A touch of extravagance and luxury in the bay is the Beach Club Laganini. It captivates with its stone interior, contrasting its comfortable seats with rich white cushions and sun loungers scattered around like small oases for relaxation. For the full experience, order an Aperol Spritz in the colors of the Okrug’s sunset and a delicious seafood frigadura or fruit platter. For a truly gastronomic spectacle, visit this incredibly special tavern. Thanks to the unique ambience and the excellent fish menu “spiced” with fine wine labels and delicious homemade olive oil - Labadusa Tavern is a well-known and recognized gastro point that proves that the tastiest delicacies end up right on nautical plates!

Night life

FOR MODERN ROBINSONS. Experienced boaters who are not averse to the wild bays have also found unusual but safe shelters for their vessels in the Okrug. One of the favorites is Racetinovac cove - you may not find a landscaped beach, restaurant or mooring there, but you will certainly notice the intriguing stone remains of the Racetin noble family's mansion. Its sandy bottom with marine vegetation provides very safe anchorage and receives the highest marks. If you are an adventurous spirit you will be delighted by the wild bays of Široka and Pirčina. Pay special attention to the islet of Kraljevac, named after the real Croat-Hungarian king who hid on the islet while he was fleeing the Tatars. 

The Racetin noble family's mansion

EXPLORE LAND ATTRACTIONS AS WELL. If you choose to anchor in the area of ​​the Okrug, do not miss the chance to explore the attractions in the area of ​​the municipality and in its immediate vicinity. Culture enthusiasts among sailors will surely enjoy visiting the picturesque churches (such as the church of the Okrug’s heaven patron, St. Theodore, and the church of St. Charles Boromeus and St. John the Baptist), as well as the proximity of Trogir, which is truly like an open-air museum. This incredibly harmonious blend of landmarks from a variety of stylistic periods is, not without reason, entirely under UNESCO protection. Another unmissable location is Toc Beach, commonly referred to as the Copacabana of Okrug. This is a destination of true hedonistic pleasure in the Mediterranean surroundings - from crystal clear seawater combined with fine pebbles, incredible cocktails and very impressive sunsets (which can easily be compared to those in California), to great entertainment and gastronomic offers in the many bars, pizzerias and restaurants just off the beach, as well as safe berths for boaters in the bay of the same name.

St.John the Baptist church

The beach Toć

When planning your next trip make sure not to miss out on what the municipality of Okrug has to offer!

Okrug Tourist board

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Spending your holidays near the sea and going for boating adventures is such a great thing. It is necessary to take care of safety and have all the equipment which are essential for your adventure and sailing. Thank you very much. These pictures and place is actually great.
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