Yacht Charter Lošinj

Losinj is a Croatian island in the northern Adriatic Sea, in the Kvarner Gulf. It is due south of the port city of Rijeka and is thought to have been inhabited since prehistoric times.

 Mali Losinj is a town in the southern part of the island which is a noted yacht charter base in Croatia. Mali Losinj is the biggest island city in the Adriatic, historically known for its shipbuilding and contribution to maritime traditions in the region. A charming place to pick up a charter and sail along the island of Losinj and over to the neighbouring islands of Cres, Pag and Rab or cruise along the smaller and less crowded islands of Unije, Ilovik, Susak, Silba and Premuda. These pretty islands have clear waters, great bays for shelter, short distances between them and mostly ideal sailing conditions. You will see why Croatia is famous for its natural beauty.

 The favourable climatic conditions and the excellent tourist infrastructure make it a place to keep coming back to. Mali Losinj with its excellent marina is located in the most protected part of the Losinj bay. There are several marinas and harbours on the island of Losinj, an ideal region to rent a boat and sail the northern Adriatic.

Losinj Island is connected by bridge to Cres Island. To reach Cres Island, there is a ferry from the mainland at Brestova to Porozina; or a ferry from Valbiska, Krk Island to Merag on Losinj Island. There is a regular catamaran line between Rijeka-Mali Losinj all year.

Bus lines run regularly between Rijeka and Mali Losinj; and Mali Losinj to Zagreb, as well as Ljubljana during the summer. Rijeka International Airport is on the Krk Island about 80 km from the town of Mali Losinj. There is a sports airport close to Mali Losinj for aircraft up to 40 seats.

Northern Croatia has a temperate continental climate and the entire Adriatic coast has pleasant Mediterranean weather. Sailing conditions are generally good with the prevailing Maestral wind being friendly to sailboats. In summer the bora usually blows for only a few hours, but sometimes it can last up to a day or two. It can be extremely strong in the Kvarner area and sometimes unpredictable. Weather forecasts and advice are available at the marinas and the harbours in the area.



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