North Adriatic

The Northern Adriatic is a popular destination for yacht charters in Croatia. Also known as Kvarner, it is located in the northwestern part of Croatia and includes the area extending from Opatija city to Senj city.  The stunning islands of Krk, Cres, Losinj, Rab and Pag, as well as many other smaller islands, such as Susak, Ilovik and Unije are part of this region. Dotted along the mainland are the Opatija Riviera, with its Hapsburg-era architecture, spa resorts and fine dining; the Crikvenica Riviera, where the wooded hinterland meets the sea; and the Novi Vinodolski Riviera, a well-established seaside resort known as the "Silver flower of Europe"

Kvarner Bay offers a unique combination of sea and mountains. You can enjoy the sea and the islands, walk along the "Lungo Mare", visit old cities and tourist resorts; or enjoy the fresh forest air in Gorski Kotar. The port town of Rijeka is historically significant and the biggest city in this area. The balmy Mediterranean climate, reaching over 30 degrees in the summer, has attracted visitors for hundreds of years.

Numerous charter yachts are available in the Kvarner Bay region and it is a superb place for a boating holiday in Croatia.

The Kvarner Bay islands are a must on any sailing trip in the Northern Adriatic. Island hop your way south visiting Krk, Cres, Losinj, Rab, Pag and the smaller islands, such  as Plavnik, Prvic Unije, Susak, Ilovik and more.

Besides the islands, there is the attractive Opatija Riviera. One of the oldest tourist destinations, it is known for its handsome architecture, lush parks and meandering walkways. There are over 25 marinas and harbours in the northern Adriatic, where boat rentals are easily organised. The largest marinas are in the Opatija area, in Punat, on Krk island, in Cres on Cres Island, in Mali Losinj and in Simuni on Pag Island. Around the islands are many tranquil bays and anchorages, as well as smaller islands suitable for anchoring.

In this area, it is also a good idea to rent a motorboat because of the distances between islands and the mainland. On the islands, sailboats are more likely to be in demand. You can explore the Kvarner Bay and islands or cruise over to Istria or Dalmatia from here.

Yacht charter in the Northern Adriatic offers something for everybody.  Besides the good sailing and wonderful Mediterranean climate, numerous regattas, like the Fiumanka, Galiola, Kvarner Regatta, Regatta Kraljevicka and others are organised in the summers here.

Other features include the different events held. The famous winter carnival in Rijeka and, also in Rijeka, the Summer Nights Festival, an annual performing arts festival that brings the city and its abandoned buildings to life! There are plenty of other events like open air theatre, shows and concerts at the beaches throughout the summer. Opatija Riviera has a variety of hotels, restaurants, marinas and harbours with wonderful gardens and walkways.

Krk island is the largest and busiest Adriatic island with a varied landscape. Quiet and charming Losinj is well-known as a health resort and as the natural habitat of the bottlenose dolphin. Bustling, beautiful Rab holds a medieval summer fair known as Rapska Fjera; and untamed, alluring Cres is known as the natural habitat of the griffons. Clubbing mecca Pag is a good sail further south.

You will be spoilt for choice on a week’s yacht charter in this part of Croatia.

Foodies will be happy to hear that all kinds of flavours and feasts can be experienced while on a charter sailing holiday in Kvarner. There is seafood, quality cheese, fresh vegetables and traditional Kvarner cuisine using wild game and berries to be sampled. Particularly recommended is the Kvarner shrimp which is distinguished by its color and sweetness.  

Dishes are based on fresh fish, lamb, pork, veal, Mediterranean fruit and vegetables, herbs and olives. There is a strong Italian influence and there is some very fine domestic wine, such Zlahtina, Malvazija, Merlot and Teran.  Aperitifs are varied, traditional rakija (brandy) with travarica (herb brandy), medica (honey brandy), rogacica (carob brandy) and orahovaca (walnut brandy).  Biska, a mistletoe-flavoured spirit from Istria is a regional specialty.

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Bavaria 36 2003
Berths: 4+2
870€ - 1,690€
870€ - 1,690€/ week
per person 145€ - 282€/ week
Cabins: 2 / WC: 1
Charter place: KRK
Dufour 310 2013
Berths: 4+2
1,040€ - 1,760€
996€ - 1,760€/ week
per person 166€ - 293€/ week
Cabins: 2 / WC: 1
Charter place: KRK
Berths: 6+2
1,650€ - 2,950€
1,403€ - 2,508€/ week
per person 175€ - 313€/ week
Cabins: 3 / WC: 1
Charter place: KRK
Berths: 4
1,300€ - 2,250€
1,105€ - 1,913€/ week
per person 276€ - 478€/ week
Cabins: 2 / WC: 1
Charter place: KRK
Berths: 10+2
2,950€ - 5,900€
2,508€ - 5,015€/ week
per person 209€ - 418€/ week
Cabins: 5 / WC: 2
Charter place: KRK
Berths: 6+2
2,000€ - 3,200€
1,700€ - 2,720€/ week
per person 213€ - 340€/ week
Cabins: 3 / WC: 2
Charter place: KRK
Berths: 8+1
2,270€ - 3,300€
1,930€ - 2,805€/ week
per person 214€ - 312€/ week
Cabins: 4 / WC: 2
Charter place: KRK
Dufour 382 2017
Berths: 6+2
1,520€ - 2,850€
1,347€ - 2,850€/ week
per person 168€ - 356€/ week
Cabins: 3 / WC: 1
Charter place: KRK
Bavaria 34 2000
Berths: 6+1
860€ - 1,600€
860€ - 1,600€/ week
per person 123€ - 229€/ week
Cabins: 3 / WC: 1
Charter place: KRK
Berths: 6+2
1,650€ - 2,800€
1,403€ - 2,380€/ week
per person 175€ - 298€/ week
Cabins: 3 / WC: 1
Charter place: KRK
Berths: 6
1,150€ - 2,500€/ week
per person 192€ - 417€/ week
Cabins: 3 / WC: 1
Charter place: LOŠINJ
Berths: 8+2
2,150€ - 3,800€/ week
per person 215€ - 380€/ week
Cabins: 4 / WC: 4
Charter place: KRK
Oceanis 41 2015
Berths: 6
2,100€ - 3,300€
1,785€ - 2,805€/ week
per person 298€ - 468€/ week
Cabins: 3 / WC: 1
Charter place: KRK
Berths: 8+1
2,400€ - 4,150€
2,040€ - 3,528€/ week
per person 227€ - 392€/ week
Cabins: 4 / WC: 3
Charter place: KRK
Berths: 8+2
20,000€ - 24,000€/ week
per person 2,000€ - 2,400€/ week
Cabins: 4 / WC: 4
Charter place: KRK
Berths: 8+2
2,400€ - 4,150€
2,040€ - 3,528€/ week
per person 204€ - 353€/ week
Cabins: 4
Charter place: KRK
Oceanis 40 2007
Berths: 6+2
1,600€ - 2,600€
1,360€ - 2,210€/ week
per person 170€ - 276€/ week
Cabins: 3 / WC: 2
Charter place: KRK
Berths: 6+1
1,090€ - 2,230€
1,090€ - 2,230€/ week
per person 156€ - 319€/ week
Cabins: 3 / WC: 1
Charter place: KRK
Berths: 5
2,950€ - 4,400€/ week
per person 590€ - 880€/ week
Cabins: 2 / WC: 2
Charter place: Opatija, Rijeka, KRK
Berths: 8+2
1,950€ - 4,200€/ week
per person 195€ - 420€/ week
Cabins: 4
Charter place: LOŠINJ


Igor Andrej Rant
“On the contrary, I was very satisfied with your booking process! You had been very kind and always answered all my questions. Also you provided a good price so that we did not need to negotiate a lot.”
Dufour 412 GL
Charter place: Biograd na moru
Torsti Pullola
“Hello from Gabriella II :)”
Sun Odyssey 43 DS
Charter place: Vodice
“Prestige 46 Fly in Kastela ...”
Prestige 46
Charter place: Kaštela

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