Heroes Nearby - an ideal safety net for the Yachting Community

Can you imagine a situation at sea where you could urgently need the assistance of another boater nearby? The first that come to mind are engine failure, sail damage, lost anchor, sting injuries, man overboard, shipwrecked, a search for a protected anchorage, lack of food or water. There are countless situations, ranging from everyday problems to life-threatening incidents. Sailing in to save the day is an innovative project, Heroes Nearby. Just launched, it's a one-stop solution for all ..

The Winds in Greece

Ιn ancient times the ‘keeper of the winds’ was Aeolus, made famous in Homer’s Odyssey. He was often associated with the four wind gods - the children of Astraeus, the Titan astrological deity of the dusk, and the Titan goddess of the dawn, Eos - also known as Aurora.  These four wind gods were called the Anemi and were named after the 4 cardinal points of the compass. Their legacy echoes through to modern times in language and mythology. Millennia later Anemi is the word for winds in Gre..

Good Reads for a Sailing Holiday

Whether it’s been plain sailing or a little rough out there, once the hard work of reefing, tacking, navigating and anchoring is over, and you are safely in port or anchored in a quiet bay; do you like to lounge around on deck with a good book? Here’s our list of just a few of the many good sailing reads, for a variety of tastes. Cruising at Sea If you are looking to improve your sailing game, or get technical, these books will help you on your way to bareboat chartering. 1. N..

A Brief History of Sailing in Greece - Part 1

Mythology and Ancient Mariners Maritime history in Greece, like most things, dates back thousands of years. All the ancient civilizations have their own story of seafaring, exploration and trade routes. Part of the charm of sailing in Greece is that the ancient history is evident everywhere and the knowledge that your Greek sailing charter may be plowing the same routes as her ancient mariners adds a certain something to the experience. The First European Sailors The first evidenc..

Cracking Croatian Cruising Destinations

Croatia’s coastline is speckled with a thousand or so islands, ranging from small, green mini-paradises to large and arid ones. Its magical blend of ancient and modern makes Croatia a unique destination for all tastes. Even though its fame and popularity as a sailing destination are well established, there are still enough off-the-beaten-track islands, quiet coves, and stone-built fishing villages to make you feel as if you’re visiting Europe at its most unspoiled. The only questions are..

Best Sailing Movies

Balmy Summer sailing days have morphed into crisp Autumn and the European Winter is upon us. With memories of sailing charter holidays in the Mediterranean fading and the weather getting cooler, here is a list of the some great sailing movies to watch on nights in. Dead Calm (1989) Thriller An Australian couple is taking a sailing holiday on a beautiful 60ft ketch to help them heal after a terrible accident.  They come across a man who appears to be the sole survivor of a shipwre..

Rainy day sailing

Although we all hope to leave drizzly weather behind us while on a sailing holiday, when the view is not quite what was in the brochure and the rain is pelting down, all is not lost. Here are a few ideas for how to entertain yourself and your crew on those damp days. Sailing in the Rain One option is to go sailing.  Being at sea in the rain can be a unique experience, but   remember that there will be low visibility, possibly choppy water and the chance that the weather..

Silver Sailing – Think you’re too Old to Sail?

Think again. Many in their golden years carry on sailing or even take it up as a new hobby and the oldest mariners sail well into their 60’s, 70’s and some even into their 80’s and 90’s. Sometimes, we have to wait until later in life to realise some dreams, when the chaos of family and career have subsided a little and time is, once more, on our side. Sailing keeps you fit - mentally and physically. If you are able and in decent shape, then age isn't as major a factor as health is. It’s u..

8 Reasons to Go Sailing around the Peljesac Peninsula, Croatia

The second largest peninsula in Croatia, the island-like Peljesac is still slightly off the beaten track. This verdant peninsular with its unique combination of mountain and sea is a delight and an awesome place to sail. Its relaxed atmosphere makes it a desirable stop for yacht charters and independent sailors and it’s just a short sail from Dubrovnik where you can pick up your charter boat. Alternatively sail down through the Peljesac Channel from the island of Korcula. The most well-protec..

6 Easy Ways to Reduce your Plastic Consumption on a Sailing Holiday

The Ocean is full of plastic. Plastic has been in production for 100 years and millions of tons of it has found its way into the sea. It is difficult to think of a product that doesn’t contain or isn’t packaged in it. Among its many applications, plastics ensure that transportation is more carbon efficient, avoids food waste by keeping it fresh and allows us to see through contact lenses. The unintended side effect of one of the most useful inventions of our times is putting a strain on our o..