Itinerary Pula-Pula

Fifty Shades of Blue – Blue Cavern on the Island of Cres

Just when we think it can't get bluer than this, the Adriatic delights us with yet another natural gem. 'Plave Grote' also called the Blue Cavern on the island Cres is a true paradise for all types of holiday-goers whether you travel by yacht charter, your grandpa's boat or on foot, all the way from Lubenice. Before immersing yourself in the cerulean charm of the Blue Cavern depending on your means of traveling make sure to spread your beach towel, tie up your boat, tug your beard (if you hav..

Sailing Back to the Dinosaur Era

Dinosaurs have been a topic of interest for eons now, tickling the human imagination with their enormous size and mysterious disappearance. Their traces can be found everywhere around the world and one of such locations is the Istrian peninsula in Croatia. Thanks to this, Istria now looks like a canvas where an artistic group of reptiles decided to express their fondness of creative expression. All jokes aside, the dinosaur traces all over the Istrian peninsula can tell us many things about a..